TGS 2001 Fall: Jet Set Future Soundtrack Unveiled

Latch Brothers and WaveMaster to provide music for one of Sega's first Xbox games.


Sega of America has announced that the Latch Brothers, WaveMaster (which provided the techno soundtrack for Jet Grind Radio), and other artists under the Grand Royal label will be providing several licensed, original, and exclusive remixed songs for the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack. The Jet Set Radio soundtrack also has the distinction of being one of the last projects for the Grand Royal label before the company closes its doors for good.

"This compilation might mark the end of an era for the label," said Mike Fischer, group director of marketing at Sega of America. "But its engaging unorthodox approach to hip-hop, rock, and electronic music provides the blueprint for the next era in video game soundtracks."

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