TGS 2001 Fall: Hands-onGuilty Gear X Plus

We go a few rounds with Kliff Undersn.


At Sammy's booth at the TGS, Guilty Gear X Plus was prominently displayed. The game is nearly identical to Guilty Gear X, save for two extra playable characters and a handful of small extras. The version recently released for the PS2 in the US is a direct port of the Dreamcast version released in Japan in last year. This one is coming to the PS2 in Japan this month.

The game's most notable addition is Kliff Undersn, who comes from the original Guilty Gear. He's a dwarfish bearded man, presumably of Scandavian descent, who wields a giant cleaver. In GGX Plus, he's a very deliberate fighter. Both his horizontal and vertical slashes have immense ranges, though their animations are pretty slow and sweeping. His kicks and punches, on the other hand, are fairly quick--the former has him smack enemies with the pommel of his weapon, sometimes hurling them into the air. One of his special moves involves him poking an immolated sword directly forward as a sort of projectile attack. Another involves him diving in the direction of his enemy, cleaver first, while spinning like a corkscrew.

The other playable character, Justice, is the android boss of the first game. He's known for his convoluted combos and his especially hard-hitting specials.

None of the game's side modes were available for examination on the show floor. In light of Guilty Gear X's recent stateside release, the destiny of this enhanced version is still up in the air. An announcement seems like it's forthcoming, however, so keep your ears to the ground. We'll have more as it becomes available.

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