TGS 2001 Fall: First impressions: Pinball of the Dead

Wow Entertainment's zombie-filled pinball game is coming to the GBA.


First discussed in a 2806928recent interview with GameSpot, Wow Entertainment's GBA pinball game based on The House of the Dead has made an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show.

One of the game's three pinball tables was playable in the version shown at the show, and its heavy concentration of animated zombies and large undead heads and its multiscreen design deliver a pinball table very much like EA's old Genesis game Crue Ball. While the table looked great and featured lots of nice-looking animation, the ball physics and flipper strength leave quite a bit to be desired. The flippers seem a little too short to get a good shot at some of the table's better targets, and the ball moves around in a slightly erratic fashion. Hopefully these issues will be addressed before the game hits Japanese stores in March.

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