TGS 2001 Fall: First impression: Bloody Roar Extreme

Eighting's fighting game is coming to the GameCube in a slightly improved state.


At its booth at this fall's Tokyo Game Show, Hudson had a playable version of Bloody Roar Extreme for Nintendo's GameCube on display. The game is essentially a slightly refurbished version of Bloody Roar 3 for the PS2 with a few alterations to some of the characters' models and some new costumes.

The most notable change we noticed during our time with the game was Alice's (the bunny) new look. Her default costume is much more subdued than anything she's worn before--it's fairly drab and white, and she has her hair down. Her beast form has also been reworked, making her look much more genuinely lagomorphic (whereas before, she looked like furry woman in a bunny mask). Her moves don't seem to have changed at all, however.

Aside from a few minor graphical enhancements, Bloody Roar Extreme, at this point, doesn't seem too different from what was released on the PS2 earlier this year. The original was a pretty enough game in its own right, which makes the small added details all the more welcome. A few characters were missing from this demo version, which may indicate that they're receiving tweaks similar to those Alice enjoyed. Specifically, there was no sign of Jenny, Uranus, and Uriko.

We'll keep you updated on the status of Bloody Roar Extreme as more information becomes available.

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