TGS '07: Three new Kingdom Hearts games coming

Square Enix and Disney team up again to bring their crossover role-playing franchise to portable platforms.


TOKYO--With the Tokyo Game Show kicking off, Square Enix has revealed it is working on three more installments of the popular role-playing game series Kingdom Hearts, bringing the franchise to the DS, PlayStation Portable, and mobile phones. Although the three titles are so far only confirmed for release in Japan, the company assures its Western fans of the series that "release in other territories will be determined at a later date."

The first game, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days brings the Disney and Square Enix worlds to the Nintendo DS and will feature characters Roxas and Axel in both single-player and multiplayer missions. The role-playing game will be directed by Tetsuya Nomura and Tomohiro Hasegawa. A date has not yet been set for the game's release in any region.

The second game is called Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and will be coming to the PlayStation Portable. Birth by Sleep will tell the story of three new characters, all of whom are keyblade apprentices in search of a missing keyblade master. Tetsuya Nomura and Tai Yasue are codirecting the title.

The third title is a mobile game called Kingdom Hearts Coded and is set after the events of the first Kingdom Hearts game. Jiminy Cricket returns to Disney Castle to write in his journal, where he finds a mysterious message that he cannot trace. This marks the beginning of a new quest for a virtual Sora. The mobile phone models and carriers that will support the game have not yet been announced.

The first Kingdom Hearts game was released in 2002 in a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios. Installments of the series have since shifted 11 million copies on the PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance.

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what is the difference KH Birth by sleep with KH Birth by sleep final mix??

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Why haven't you not going to make a kingdom hearts 3 game yet. kingdom hearts 1 and 2 both came out on ps2, so why not ps3. Those games were two of the most popular games ever announced. The Keyblade Wars need to come out soon for us kingdom hearts fans.

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there actually is a new kh game that just came out in japan its called kingdom hearts reconnect it comes out in america 2011 in the summer time it will be on wii but i heard its just a rumor and i hope it does come out on wii swinging the wii remote just like swinging the keyblade so i cant wait i hope it does come out but it did come out in japan though there trying to bring it to america

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Ok no offense guys, but ewok4, KH2 Secret Ending is NOT KH3. It's a prequel. You don't play it you don't understand KH3. And there is NO KH PS3 VERSION COMING ANYTIME SOON. @goldninja300, coded is a great game AND it bridges KH2-KH3. It tells you what'll happen in the game [KH3], and they're releasing a DS remake titled Re:coded. At E3 this year KH3D was announced. There's still one game yet to be announced, and no it's not Kingdom Hearts 3.

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@ewok4. The trailer at the end of KH-2 isnt KH-3, it's KH: Birth By Sleep. And they aren't random spinoffs, each of the games reveal new things about the main plot. Birth By Sleep is a prequel to KH-1 and reveals major plot questions.

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Birth by Sleep is NOT KH3

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i heard birth by sleep is KH3

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i have done so much searching for a KH-3 and found nothing.... these are just spinoffs meaningless by-storys that may or may not have anything to do with KH-3 but as far as i can tell KH-3 is nothing more than a myth with a trailer at the end of KH-2

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I'm just gonna get birth by sleep

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i hope KH III released in PC tetsuya nomura is never released KH in PC why they never released Games in pc all square game in pc is mmorpg (exept last remnant) they must care bout pc gamer too! LIVE FOREVER PC GAMER !!! i dont want only console like 360 or ps3 they both got ff XIII an even the psp get ff too where is the PC version ? or even maybe they must released their games in multi platform because i cant get ps3 or 360

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dammit when is regular old kingdom hearts 3 comming out? and put it on a serious platform!

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i love square enix! If they ever make a console version, i prolly won't have to buy a PS3 now!!! (big if but whatever...)

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Yay Kingdom Hearts! too bad it will probably be 2-3 years before we see it state-side.

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the game 4 psp is gona rock but i want the ps3 version that is the best so go on give me the ps3 vesion ok

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I suppose my one concern is that the new game(s) won't be released over in the US. Look at the PS2 remake of KH:COM. I don't know about the rest of you but i would have bought it to relive the story on a more powerful system. Also isn't there another KH game released in Japan that isn't going to make it state-side? I thought there was.

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Whats taking so long!? Their isnt even a release date! Much less more news.

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Yay all sounds good but when is the PS3 version coming???

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(Hope Cloud Strife is in the PSP game.) I'm looking forward to this. Ever since Crisis Core came out, I had more confidence in the future of the PSP. Before FFVII Crisis Core, there was a very limited amount of good games, and those games weren't even that good. Square Enix looks like they'll be able bring me back to having faith in the PSP. This portable system is sure to make a comeback!

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Roxas rules, definitely wanna get the DS version. PS: A game for cell phones? What the heck?!?!

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this game or (games) will be awsome! especially for the psp's amazing graphics birth by sleep also looks very intense from the videos that ive seen, cant wait!!

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i am locking forword to this game i must buy it

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will any one game leave you with better knowledge to set up the next one?

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wow maybe now i should buy a psp...theres finally some games for it. and since i really really want to play crisis core this would be another excuse to get it.

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I heard this is going to be like the intermediate game like chain of memmories for the gba but only leading to a bigger game like the ps3 or something else

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Connorjatkins if they make them playable for all consoles sony will raise hell because that is one of there best companys they have. If not one of the best then probobly the best company they have.

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They should make all the kingdom hearts games playable on all game consoles such as PS2, PS3 etc

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Cool i won my psp :D

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you people that are worried about them not making a kh3 for ps3. stop complaining. they will. i'm sure they have been working on it for a while. just cause they havent annouced it doesnt mean its not coming. just be patient. Miyamoto once told the president of silicon knights, Denis Dyack, when they were coming out with Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube, "Its better to have a great game that was late, than a bad game that was on time." that is a very true statement. sure you need to meet deadlines. but a. these guys dont need deadlines cause kingdom hearts is one of their biggest franchises and b. you cant rush a game cause it could come out badly. so all im saying is dont worry about kh3, its definatly coming. but they need the time to do it right so it doesnt turn out crappy.

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Come on Square Enix and Disney bring KH3 to the PS3 platform and maybe to the PS2 platform to. That would be sweet if you do that.

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i need a psp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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i guess i need to buy a psp now

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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at the moment square enix is focused on the final fantasy series, when final fantasy versus XIII is over production will begin on kh3 for next gen consoles. kingdom hearts 3 has not even been started

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I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo want The PSP and DS ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SWT2008, ever heard of Folklore?

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um how about a sequel for PS3?? PS3 has NO rpgs, expect oblivion, and it really needs one! Also, squareenix can't quit on the best rpg dynasty since final fantasy! please squre enix, bring sora back one more time.

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I have a psp and a ds. SWeet! I heard a rumor about Kingdom Hearts Coded is going to be an N-Gage Game.(The N Series.)

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when does it come out in the u.s.

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thegerbil really shouldn't worry, they're probly just keeping kh3 under wraps because they have so much going on with the other three that they thought what they had would satisfy the public, i does satisy me anyway, i know that i will buy both the psp and ds games either way

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I kind of like the idea of the DS/PSP games, but a cell phone version? That's pretty lame. And why'd they have to make them all different? I don't want to have to borrow my friend's PSP to play it. And aren't they making one not for a portable system? I'm kind of disappointed.

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"it be cool on xbox360" seriously, are you has all PS exclusive characters in it, and disney ones too, who the hell would be in an xbox version of the game, master cheif? other main characters that are exclusive to (there might actually be some, i honestly just don't know) lol more KH is good news... but it sux that one of them is for cell phone gaming

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Ill definitely get it if I can but, is it true it only comes out in Japan?

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Hmmm.. i think i will get Birth by sleep and 358/2 days (whats up with that title??) not coded though, im not a fan of mobile phone games. Oh and I heard that KH3 is coming out (otherwise number two would be left on a hell of a cliffhanger) and is coming out onto PS3 ONLY!! So 360 gamers can't get it, just like last time. I actually agree with Hedgenator, they can't do it unless they brought out the Final Fantasy series beforehand. Otherwise the story would make no sense.

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Awesome.. cant wait.

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Cool can't wait for them to come out in. I'm going to get them but Coded i'm not too fussed because it will most likely going to be kept in Japan.

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"it be cool on xbox360" seriously, are you has all PS exclusive characters in it, and disney ones too, who the hell would be in an xbox version of the game, master cheif? other main characters that are exclusive to (there might actually be some, i honestly just don't know)

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does anyone know any info on if a Kingdom Hearts III is coming out for new gen ( PS3 ) in the future. who cares about mobile phone games or the DS.

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it be cool on xbox360

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If they come out with a KH3 for PS3 it better be for PS2 also.

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This game, (I) will totally OWN!!!!!!!