TGS '07: Taito + family DS games = love

Taito focuses completely on DS family fun at its midsize booth at this year's TGS.


TOKYO--Although other booths at TGS this year had skimpily clad booth babes draped over every game, Taito decided to go down a more family-friendly route. The company filled its entire stand with Nintendo DS games that have wide appeal. The whole feel of the area was more casual and less frenetic than many other booths at the show, which made it a nice diversion from all the noise, crowd, and crush of the show.

Taito's booth had plenty of wide-open spaces, and featured what was something of a rarity at TGS: tables and chairs to sit down at while you played a game. Taito also had three large display stands with several demo units of its major DS games: Exit, Cooking Mama 2, and Space Invaders Extreme.

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