TGS '07: Square Enix's Chocobo hullabaloo

Attendees flock to see the latest from popular RPG maker behind Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.


TOKYO--The Square Enix booth was packed at Tokyo Game Show 2007 with people who came to see Final Fantasy XIII in the enclosed theater. Or perhaps to play Final Fantasy Tactics A2, Star Ocean: The First Departure, Chocobo's Dungeon, Dragon Quest IV, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, or Final Fantasy IV. If they were there--and it seemed like half the population of Japan was--they came for all of the above.

But rather than just jumping into the fray, most probably checked out the large, open theater that ran trailers for every game on display, and some that weren't. You might think this would be a good way to figure out what you wanted to head for first, but the lineup was likely to paralyze attendees with indecision. Final Fantasy Tactics A2? Or Dragon Quest?

Either way, the trailers were worth watching if just for the games you could only see there, like the impressive-looking action role-playing game Last Remnant, the enigmatic Infinite Undiscovery, and Star Ocean 4. Or, if you were up for a line (and you had no reason to be at TGS if you weren't), you could make your way into the closed theater for glimpses of both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

With those viewed, possibly twice or thrice, you could make the rounds of playable kiosks. Our first stop was Final Fantasy Tactics A2, where we fought a battle against killer tomatoes and got ripped off by a purple-haired, female thief. From there we headed to Chocobo's Dungeon, which happened to be the coolest-looking play area in the booth. The area was enclosed and blacklit, with glowing purple puzzle pieces dangling from the ceiling, while gamers explored the game demo along two walls below. The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates booth was also excellent, featuring guided four-player cooperative battles.

Over it all, a giant inflatable chocobo hovered like a hen over an egg, guiding people to Square's booth with the promise of the RPG play they've come to know and love. There were people of every kind there, but none who seemed disappointed.

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I would love to go to this conference.

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I want my day at their booth! Please bring me there!

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I hope there is more info on SO4....Id honestly like the SO3 cast back as much as Id like to see new ones....lets jut hope there are no more girls like Sophia this time as a main character.........I hated her so much.

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I'm hoping for future remakes of 9, 10, 10-2, and 13 and so on... I don't have a PS platform, and I had FF 7 and 8 for PC. Who else is for a 360 FF?

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shocking..just shocking ... SE is making a game for x360. what is the world coming to?

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A FF7 remake would be dumb. You shouldn't mess with an already perfect game. Besides that, I play games for the storyline. What's the point if I know what's going to happen? The random battles? lol

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I'm waiting and waiting for FF XIII. come on release it already to end this generation battle.

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Lets just hope Square stays on PlayStation and the devil doesn't make his bribe.

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I hope more FFXIII footage makes its way from TGS

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i just want to see some fotage of the XIII games

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Square seems to working like crazy. Hope all these games turn out to be great.

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Mmm, I'll be having a Square-gasm when these all out :D

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listen to ultima_weapon5, he speaks sense.. STAR OCEAN 4 MAN! where the hecks the coverage

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The first FF I played was 1, and the first one I really liked was 4 (disguising itself as 2 on my SNES). FFVII is one of the best, notice the 1, because I find 4,6,9,10,and 12 equally as good as 7, with 8 being my personal favorite. Now to many, that statement just disqualified me for anything else I'm about to say, but here goes. While a FFVII remake wouldn't make or break the PS3 for me, it'd definitely be something very very cool. I can be a REAL fan, and get excited over one of my favorite games ever get a new coat of paint, and more importantly, an entirely new audience. It's entirely up to SE, but for you to judge other people's dedication to the game and the series, is just elitist and stupid. Oh and mind you they've remade countless FF games, but only a few of them made it to the US. We're not hoping SE will butcher the game or change it in any way. When you look at the difference between FF for NES, and FF for PSP, that's the same principle. Make it look, sound, play, and feel better. Whether or not it happens, people shouldn't lose sleep over it, but it's getting annoying when people say the game will be ruined without its staple lego character and badass MIDI music.

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If you are a fan from the beginning, you are a fan of FF I through XII and beyond. I remember playing the original FF in my friend's basement when I was really young on NES. I thought the game was so hard, but cool at the same time. FFVII was good, yes, but there are many along the way that also deserve credit.

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Gevans1989 man stop with the FFVII remake talk, a real fan will leave it as it is. A real fan would be welcoming new games into the fray. A fake fan is someone who chooses one game out of em all and calls it the best Just because it was prolly the first one they ever played. Listen it was a great game yes worthy of a remake yes, should they make a remake no. The only other game they really remade was 3 which never came stateside, the others aren't really that much of remakes. Leave a classic as it is.

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SE is so scared to show any details on FF13.. wondering if they are even working on the game or if they just made the demo movie and called it quits for a couple years.

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final fantasy 13 looks ok, and crisis core should not be made, this is only one final fantasy that should be anounced and thats a remake of final fantasy VII nothing changed but the graphics, comon SE stop making half arsed attepts to intice new fans to ffVII and start pleasing the fans that have been with it since the start!!!!

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There's been practically no coverage of Star Ocean 4 with this TGS. Come on people, let me see some of it!

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it wont happen. on ff 13 says ps3 only. MUAHAH

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I love the Final Fantasy series,I hope SE decides to port FFXIII to the 360 :).

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I want to see that XIII trailer! So Bad!

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Square Enix is cool! I want to see a new FF Versus XIII trailer! :(

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is there any final fantasy 13 gameplay?

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Square Enix. YES.

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They're always the craziest booth at TGS.

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SE always gets alot of attention during TGS. and they never fail to satisfy the people.

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Square Enix FTW

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man i jsut wanna see these trailers already

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Crisis Core is looking to be turning out as a great game. I too am pretty damn sure that FF XIII and FF Versus XIII will turn out to be some of the best games on PS3.

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oh mad i want one of those square enix tops!

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HK-47-M4: Crisis Core is for the PSP. Crystal Chronicles is for the Wii and DS.

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ff CC is comming out for bothe the wii and the ds. there are two different games. both will hopfully be worth playing

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Isn't FF CC for the PSP?

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Guys, There's still one more day to go in TGS. They're probably going to unleash a bomb (of greatness) on everyone tomorrow.

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is the FF:CC the DS or the WII one cause i thought there was one comming out on both systems????

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Well all the rumors of a new FFVII game being in the works were announced next to 3 Kingdom Hearts games, which even though the titles were wrong, they had the right system pegged. The list said square was working on: FFXIII and side games of course "Endless Crisis: FFVII" and KH: Chain of memories 2 which can be considered the next nintendo handheld KH, which we were given KH 0, which turned out to be Birth by Sleep, which is a Prequel to 1, thus being 0. and KH Mobile... Everyone dismissed that the list was fake, because there was no way that so many KH games could be in the works, yet here they are officially. That said, we haven't heard of the fate of the next FFVII project, but you can probably chill with the fact that whoever made that initial rumor knew something at the time about Square-Enix that the general public definitely didn't. When and where we finally get to hear about the next FFVII project is a completely different story though.

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great, but no release date, and no new pics... wanna now the exact day of releasing for FFTA2 and FFCC RoF

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yeah where the hell is "the game that will save the PS3" as quoted by Nobue

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Sounds good.

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Where is the "super awesome PS3 game" ? :(

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I'm always up for a line-up :D

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Oh? So someone online actually remembers to capitalize "God" in their sentence? :o

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whats it gonna take to get a ff7 remake...

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Shame that FF7 remake wasn't announced and KH3. But i wish i was there still