TGS '07: SNK lays out US release slate

Japanese publisher to release Metal Slug 7 for DS, SNK Arcade Classics collection, and King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown compilations stateside.


TOKYO--The NeoGeo arcade gaming system laid the foundation for SNK Playmore, and at the Tokyo Game Show today, the US arm of the company announced a slate of games built on some of that system's best known series, all set for release by the end of 2008.

Samurai Shodown is set for an arcade revival and a console retrospective.
Samurai Shodown is set for an arcade revival and a console retrospective.

Following up the Art of Fighting Anthology and Fatal Fury Battle Archives collections, SNK Playmore is compiling some of its other highly regarded series for domestic release. The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga is a collection of the 1995-1997 demon-tinted installments in the series for the Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable. Meanwhile, Samurai Shodown Anthology should collect a sampling of that series' offerings and will see release on the PS2 and Wii.

If those collections sound a little too focused for some tastes, SNK Playmore is also preparing SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 for the PS2 and PSP. As of press time, a representative with the publisher had not returned requests for clarification on which games would be included in the latter two titles.

It isn't all rereleases for SNK Playmore. The company also revealed Metal Slug 7, a brand-new DS installment in the military arcade shooter series. Those who dislike portability in their games can also look forward to new SNK arcade games like King of Fighters XII, King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation "A" 2, and Samurai Shodown Sen.

Finally, the company detailed some more of its downloadable games set for release. In addition to the already announced Virtual Console release of World Heroes and Fatal Fury, SNK Playmore is prepping the NeoGeo action game Magician Lord for sale on the Wii's downloadable game service. On the Xbox 360, the company will follow up the recent release of Fatal Fury Special with Xbox Live Arcade editions of Metal Slug 3 and Samurai Shodown 2.

For all the latest news and previews from the show, be sure to check out GameSpot's complete coverage of the 2007 Tokyo Game Show.

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Avatar image for alkaline_DnB

I just hope these re-releases won't decrease the value of my neo geo cartridges.

Avatar image for djhipihopisdead

Does SSAnthology come out on the PSP? I see the box shot, but there hasn't been an official report, idk...

Avatar image for deactivated-5bcb8ec2e27a5

@Sonicgod Why? It's brand new. Go play MS5 or 6. %^&* idiot.

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KOF Collection looks like a solid compilation.

Avatar image for deactivated-5bcb8ec2e27a5

Characters from Final Fantasy VII are upset that this collection won't have '99. When I asked Cloud why a KOF collection wouldn't be the same without it he replied "Dude, that game was solid." Do any of you have fantasies like mine.

Avatar image for killerbrothers

Man, I'm really looking forward to SNK Arcade Classics. Oh, one thing: Agermemnon, even that Viewpoint was released on SNK's Neo-Geo arcade hardware, the game wasn't made by SNK. It was made by Sammy (but since SNK Playmore now releases arcade games on Sammy's Atomiswave board -save for KOF: MI Regulation "A" 1 and 2, which were released on Taito's new Type X-2 arcade board-, maybe we'll see Viewpoint on XBLA)

Avatar image for madsnakehhh

Its good to know that SNK are doing things well with the new consoles, anyway i'm too happy with KOF 94 in the VC, but i'm still waiting the Orochi Saga and i beg for a port of KOF XI to the Wii, or better yet KOF XII.

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I hope Metal Slug 3 has the exclusive features the Xbox version had.

Avatar image for muertebringer

i gotta dust off my wii...

Avatar image for vgxtremist

It would seem my PS2 is not going to be getting any dust on it yet...

Avatar image for YukoAsho

I would not be opposed to a Sengoku collection. Get to it, SNK. Better yet, Sengoku 4. Now.

Avatar image for Sonicgod

Lame i already got 5 copies of metal slug 3 and there is metal slug collections it is not worth paying since you can get all the games for a little more money. Metal slug 7 should be the xbox live arcade game.

Avatar image for IsmirZone

Sounds like my PS2 collection of games will continue to grow.

Avatar image for RaiKageRyu

Wait, KOF XII is out in arcades now?

Avatar image for Chief_Kuuni

love them games, will definantly buy

Avatar image for ctg867

I will SO be buying Metal Slug 3 on XLBA. Better be $10 and no more, otherwise I might have to take back that last statement

Avatar image for CrushedGroove

World Heroes on the Virtual Console!!! God only knows how much money I spent at the arcade on that game. Definite buy for me. Wouldn't mind having Samurai Showdown and KOF either.

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I'd like to see another King of Fighter in any platform. And about Metal Slug, I think it's a perfect fit for the DS, because of the graphics; don't take this the wrong way, I'm still amazed how can they make a game with touch screen capabilitiers in a small chip.

Avatar image for Testament

Well Damm, its about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for Azhar85

No KOF Maximum Impact 360 for Xbox 360 announced.....that sad though....

Avatar image for Agermemnon

AHH samurai showdown 2 for xlive thats good news now how about Last Resort , Alpha MIssion 2 and veiwpoint please

Avatar image for JpnFfantasy


Avatar image for printice21

woo hoo samurai showdown!!

Avatar image for km1498

will be checking out Samurai Shodown 2 when it comes out. The Arcade Classics Volume 1 also sounds interesting.

Avatar image for iceyyyy

WOW!!!! i cant wait!!!!! Love the King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown series. Also wanna get World heroes and Fatal Fury on VC.

Avatar image for BelmontMaster

Yes SNK yes, its time for KoF to flourish.

Avatar image for kisu_maru

dr_jashugan:What no LAST BLADE? That game was awesome. C'mon SNK, please bring it back I would agree Last Blade was awsome good thing I still got it on my dreamcast =)

Avatar image for thug_angel123

samurai showdown what took you so long...

Avatar image for XanderZane

They should release Magician Lord on the XBox 360 as well. Why are they releasing MS3 on the 360? It was already released on the XBox. SS2 is a good game for XBox Live Arcade. I don't really care for Fatal Fury too much. I liked World Heroes a bit better. Besides Samurai Shodown, most of SNK's earlier fighting games (Fatal Fury, KoF, Art of Fighting, etc..) felt a bit cheap when playing against the CPU. The difficulty on some of these games were set very high. Art of Fighting was one of them. Playing again a human opponent was fine, but the CPU always had some cheap trick or unfair advantage for taking you out. Of course, this just forced you to put more quarters into the machine. Samurai Shodown didn't feel like that though. Definitely one of their better fighting games.

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Finaly, KOF on the go. I've been waiting since the birth of the PSP. I just hope the rest of the KOF games will get a chance too. I want KOF '98 and 2K2 on my PSP. Also Samurai Showdown will be a good purchase. I just hope all these titles are more easy to find than the Fatal Fury Archives game... I mean, come on. I found only ONE copy in all the gamespot, ebgames, toys 'r us, wal-mart, taget stores in the San Ysidro to San Diego region. Gamespot doesn't even have KOF XI or Battle Coliseum on there 'coming soon' list.

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A live enabled Samurai Showdown 2 sounds sweet. It was a crime that Cham Cham was only in part 2.

Avatar image for DrewBlood08

Baseball Stars on the VC please!!!

Avatar image for KamalR

too bad they couldn't come out with a next-gen SNK

Avatar image for trunksjimmy71

Metal Slug 7 is going to be tight! XP

Avatar image for Maxx_the_Slash

It's awesome that the Wii is getting Samurai Showdown Collection and KoF Orochi Collection. I just wish instead of getting the Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting games on the Virtual Console, we could get them in their Anthology forms.

Avatar image for dr_jashugan

What no LAST BLADE? That game was awesome. C'mon SNK, please bring it back. 8)

Avatar image for kuda001

come on, king of fighters!

Avatar image for BlueFlameBat

decrot "wait, no samurai shodown on the wii?" "Samurai Shodown Anthology should collect a sampling of that series' offerings and will see release on the PS2 and Wii. Does that answer your question?

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Avatar image for amin915

KIng OF FIGHTERS!!!!! AWESOME. I Just dont know for what system to buy the king of fighters pack to buy either on the Wii,ps2 or psp. I think psp is a must for kof on the go

Avatar image for decrot

wait, no samurai shodown on the wii?

Avatar image for nkaiton


Avatar image for Zero_Space

omg Samurai Shodown 2? Simply awesome

Avatar image for eViL_kA

Cool but what will King of Fighters XII, King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation "A" 2, and Samurai Shodown Sen be released on? I'm hoping they jump unto a "next-gen" console.

Avatar image for AngelCage

Meh, metal slug... puaj!!!! Since metal Slug 3, snk only make crap after crap with the franchise. metal slug 6 is HORRIBLE and if MS7 follow that line, then shame on you SNK. All i want is Samurai Shodown. Metal Slug 3 >>>>>>>>> MS1/X >> MS2 >>>> MS5 > MS4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MS6

Avatar image for iliyun

YAAAAAAAY !!!! Good news for Fighting Fans !!!! .... sweeeeeeeetness.

Avatar image for arc_salvo

Well, here's hoping the next few King of Fighters games'll be good. I haven't really played thoroughly since 2001. I find the game mechanics to be okay (but looser and less "precise" feeling than the older KOF games) but the new Korean-influenced character designs really seem lackluster and derivative to me compared to all old school cast... and I'm Korean.

Avatar image for John_of_Fire

I am so happy. I have been hoping for Samurai Showdown 2 on live. I cannot wait. I will be glad to buy Metal Slug 3 again just to support SNK on live. Thanks SNKPlaymore.

Avatar image for Chirico_Cuvie

Wow, Magician lord, talk about a blast from the past. A fun little game, but over in minutes. Those Neo-Geo games were always great little titles perfect for arcades, but once they went all fighting the fun little action games they made dried up, except Metal Slug of course. A Wii Nam '75 with a nunchuck and wiimote would be awesome, so would Super Spy and Crossed Swords. A game of Baseball Stars Professional would be great too.

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