TGS '07: It's a sporting life at Hudson's healthy booth

Deca Sporta dominates the Japanese publisher's display on the show floor; Omega Drive and Dungeon Explorer DS also on hand.


TOKYO--Hudson Soft, the creator of games such as the Bomberman series, had a large booth at TGS this year, but it was mainly dedicated to one game. The upcoming Deca Sporta for the Nintendo Wii took up more than 60 percent of the stand, with demo Wii units spread out over two levels.

The playable Deca Sporta units were all handled by a female hostess who would serve as the second player should someone try out the game without a partner. Three minigames were playable for Deca Sporta: archery, badminton, and snowboarding. The final product will ship with plenty more games, including soccer, basketball, curling, and more. Hudson also had a large stage set up at its booth, where what we assume were Japanese celebrities would occasionally get up and demo Deca Sporta's individual sports.

Hudson also found some space for a few of its other titles, including two playable PSPs and a Nintendo DS featuring Dungeon Explorer games. Two Xbox 360s were also set up to play the Xbox Live Arcade shooter Omega Drive.

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