TGS '07: Guilty Gear 2 Overture Hands-On

Action meets real-time strategy in this new addition to the Guilty Gear universe.


Over-the-top fighting action has always been the Guilty Gear series' trademark, so it's somewhat jarring to hear the words real-time strategy uttered in the same breath as the latest GG game, Guilty Gear 2 Overture.

Overture, which will be released on the Xbox 360, isn't going to compete against Command and Conquer anytime soon. However, it has added some light strategy-based decisions to what is essentially a traditional beat-'em-up. Players will get to control a Guilty Gear character along with some robotic minions in an attempt to secure the most checkpoints on a map--either that, or destroy that level's designated boss. Details are a little sketchy right now in regard to where this game fits in the Guilty Gear universe as far as story goes, but we have been told it is set after the events of the Guilty Gear X game.

The straight-up fighting side of Overture is fairly stock standard for the genre. There are buttons for attack, power attacks, and jump, with combos and special attacks that you can perform by using a combination of button presses and control-stick maneuvers.

The strategy side comes in with the robotic soldiers that can be controlled. These soldiers act as backup for the main GG character, and can be bought by using funds earned when taking over strategic checkpoints on the map. The robotic soldiers can then be ordered to perform simple actions such as attacking enemies or defending checkpoints. These orders are all given in real time, so you'll need to make sure your main character is out of harm's way while you're in the robot- or order-selection screens. According to an Arc Systems rep, the final game will ship with close to 60 different types of robot minions available, and up to 20 can be controlled by a player at any given time.

Both old and new characters will be making an appearance in Overture, led by series favourite Sol Badguy. The game will also support four-player online matches. Guilty Gear 2 Overture will debut in Japan on November 24, with a release date for Western markets yet to be confirmed.

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