TGS '07: Devil May Cry 4 Hands-On

Capcom runs PS3 and 360 versions of Devil May Cry 4 side by side in Tokyo, and debuts two new trailers.


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News broke in May this year that Devil May Cry 4 was going multiplatform, to both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and the reaction from fanboys was obvious: PlayStation fans derided the move, while Xbox stalwarts cheered to the heavens. Since then, GameSpot has played demo levels from both console versions, and found the differences to be, well, difficult to spot. Content-wise, Capcom reps tell us both versions will have exactly the same gameplay, and have confirmed today at TGS that both the 360 and PS3 versions will run at a solid 60fps at 720p resolution.

At Capcom's booth at TGS today, both versions were playable practically side-by-side on more than two dozen screens, although the levels being shown were the same ones that have been displayed since last year. Once again, it was near impossible to discern between the two graphics-wise, although the PS3 did seem to have a sharper draw distance than the 360, particularly in the demo level's wharf environment. And in terms of gameplay control, both versions are once again quite similar.

However, Capcom did showcase some new trailers for Devil May Cry 4. The first was a frenetic mix of action sequences from the game, and featured some cool moves from this game's main protagonist, Nero. There was also quite a lot of returning hero Dante, and we were teased with more glimpses of the fight between Nero and Dante seen in previous trailers. Dante also looks like he'll get to take on what we're assuming will be one of Devil May Cry 4's newest bosses: a large, dragon-like creature that can fly, and that even transforms at one point into a gigantic Little Shop of Horrors-style plant monster. Other highlights include what look like new moves for the Devil May Cry series, including one in which Dante spins upside down in midair while pumping an opponent below with bullets. There were also some impressive new air throws. The second, longer trailer was more story-focused, although the trailer shed its story secrets only after we clarified some confusing things with a Capcom rep. The source of animosity between Nero and Dante apparently concerns Dante's move to kill a friend of Nero's--a friend that happens to be demon, although Nero is unaware of that. However, there were plenty of other things that caught our eye, such as one particularly cool shot of Dante "wearing" a new weapon, the Gilgamesh. It consisted of two steel gloves, steel boots, and a faceplate that covers the bottom of Dante's face Hannibal Lecter-style; we're not quite sure what the Gilgamesh does, but it looks undeniably cool.

Devil May Cry 4 will be released simultaneously in early 2008 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, with the PC version arriving shortly afterward. Check back with GameSpot for more updates.

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