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TGS 06: Xbox Live Arcade Wrap-Up

Microsoft shows off new games from Konami, Namco, and SNK for its downloadable game service.


TOKYO--A section of Microsoft's booth at the Tokyo Game Show this year is devoted to showing off games that are part of the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade service. In addition to showing games that are already available, many new games are also on display.

Namco Bandai will be bringing Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man, and New Rally-X to Xbox Live Arcade. Each game follows the path set forth by previous Namco arcade games on the service. Like Pac-Man and Galaga, these three new games load with a splashy, colorful screen and are devoted to delivering arcade-perfect renditions of the game and don't include redrawn graphics or online multiplayer. Each game also lets you continue from the highest stage you've reached, which is something you couldn't do in arcades.

Konami's upcoming games will all have the same basic menu design as the one seen in games like Time Pilot and Frogger. The games being shown are Contra, Super Contra, Gyruss, Rush'N Attack, Track 'n' Field, and Yie Ar Kung Fu. Like other Konami releases, these games appear to have some form of Xbox Live functionality, and they feature an option to display the games with newly redrawn graphics. Contra's updated look didn't look much different, looking more like some sort of filter than actual new art. Yie Ar Kung Fu, which for some strange reason is currently being shown as a Japan-only release, has very nice-looking new graphics. Track 'n' Field was a three-button game in arcades. The Olympic-style game uses two buttons for running, and you had to smash those buttons as fast as you could. The third is used for jumping, throwing javelins, tossing hammers, jumping hurdles, and so on. On the Xbox 360, it appears that you'll wiggle the analog stick back and forth for running, and the A button will be used for actions.

The lone SNK game being shown is the NeoGeo fighting game, Fatal Fury Special. The game appears to be the home version of the game, as opposed to the arcade, though the only real difference there is that you can choose the game's difficulty before you begin. Unlike other 4:3 games, which put borders on either side of the game, Fatal Fury Special plays up against the left side of the screen. The empty space on the right side is used for displaying an info card with your character's moves. SNK has also announced that the original Metal Slug will be released on Xbox Live Arcade in the future.

Along with other upcoming games like Defender and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, it appears that there will be plenty of classic arcade action to choose from on Xbox Live Arcade in the future.

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