TGS 06: PS3 Ninja Gaiden detailed

<i>Famitsu</i> reports Ninja Gaiden Sigma will include the complete version of the Xbox game Ninja Gaiden; Ryu Hayabusa will be able to dual-wield.


Yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan officially confirmed Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PlayStation 3. Missing, however, were any concrete details about the latest chapter from the popular Team Ninja-developed series. Aside from a few screenshots, the only info revealed is that the game is headed to Japan in spring 2007.

"Is it hot in here, or is it just me kicking all your butts?"

Enter the latest Weekly Famitsu, which gives a few tantalizing details about the recently unveiled game. Foremost, Sigma will feature a "complete version of Ninja Gaiden, which was originally produced as an Xbox title," with entirely overhauled graphics. It did not specifically mention the Ninja Gaiden redux, Ninja Gaiden Black, which included the bonus Hurricane Packs plus extra missions.

As far as gameplay, there will also be some adjustments to the combat system. For example, über-ninja Ryu Hayabusa will now be able to slice up enemies twice as fast, as he can now double-wield blades. There are also some new weapons in the works. Famitsu's screenshots show Ryu holding a large, pike-like weapon called the Musoushingetsukon.

But it's not just the good guys getting beefed up. New enemies, such as a motorcycle-mounted foe, are being thrown into the mix and will likely meet their untimely deaths at the tip of Ryu's blades.

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