TGS 06: Metal Slug 6 Hands-On

Metal Slug's Atomiswave debut translates well to the PlayStation 2.


TOKYO--Metal Slug 6 marks the first time that a game in the main Metal Slug series has appeared on arcade hardware other than SNK's NeoGeo. The Atomiswave hardware is Metal Slug 6's home, though if you were just glancing at the game, you might not realize that. Now the game is coming home on the PlayStation 2, and the console version looks like it's as good as the arcade original.

Metal Slug 6 does make a few changes to the standard side-scrolling combat formula, so it's not a bare-bones sequel. In addition to the four characters from Metal Slug, Ralf and Clark, the two fighters from Ikari Warriors who are better known for their appearances in the King of Fighters series, show up as playable characters. Each character is rated in power, defense, and speed. Also, the game has a few more functions to use during play. You can store multiple weapons and switch between them at will. You can also toss a bad weapon, if you don't want it anymore. There are also some special abilities for each character, such as starting with more ammo, or in the case of Clark, you can bust out with a Super Argentine Backbreaker, which is a fun way to dispose of enemy soldiers.

Beyond those changes, the game looks, sounds, and feels like Metal Slug. You run to the right, mostly, blasting away at enemies with a variety of weapons. You'll occasionally find some sort of vehicle, like the Metal Slug tank, or another mode of transportation, like a donkey that's armed with a fast-firing machine gun. The donkey can also tow a trailer that launches rockets.

Overall, Metal Slug 6 gives a very good first impression and seems to live up to the Metal Slug name. The game is currently available for the PlayStation 2 in Japan.

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