TGS 06: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Update

Although Capcom doesn't show off anything new, producer Keiji Inafune drops some very good news for those anticipating the Xbox 360 game.


TOKYO--While Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is one of Capcom's big guns at TGS this year, the Japanese developer isn't showing off anything new for the title. The single-player and multiplayer demos in its booth are just localized versions of what was recently shown at the Leipzig Games Convention. Given that we're anxious for more on the game, we tracked down producer Keiji Inafune to find out what's going on with the title.

First off, in regards to the TGS showing, Inafune stated that while what's being shown may not be new to us, it is new to Japanese consumers who haven't had much of a chance to try out the game, especially its multiplayer component. More importantly, he noted that there will be something new to show at X06, Microsoft's upcoming press event set to take place a few short days from now. Inafune also suggested that fans keep an eye out on Xbox Live Marketplace, as Capcom plans to release a multiplayer demo sometime in the next few months.

In terms of what to expect from the game, Inafune assured us that while what's been shown so far has offered a good sampling of the kind of action you can expect from Lost Planet, players shouldn't assume that what's been seen represents all the environments in the game. While the cramped, Akrid-heavy indoor environments and the vast, outdoor snowy areas are obviously part of the experience, the action in Lost Planet will wind up sending players through all sorts of places you may not be expecting. He noted that not all the environments you'll be going through will be cold...once you start exploring deeper into the planet to unravel the mysteries in the game, you'll find yourself in some fairly inhospitable, and warm, environments.

As far as the game's development goes, Lost Planet is well on its way to wrapping up production. The team has been spending a great deal of timing refining and balancing the experience, especially the multiplayer mode, to ensure the game is as polished as the veteran developers can make it. Another area that's being buffed up is the graphics. While the team was satisfied with the look of the stunning single-player Xbox Live demo, it's been quite some time since that demo was released, and they intend to eclipse its look with the final game.

The final bit of info Inafune dropped was a better sense of when the game will be hitting the US, which is likely to be within the first half of January. So while Lost Planet: Extreme Condition won't be out this year, we don't have too much longer to wait. Look for more on the game next week from X06.

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