TGS 06: Advent Children Complete Impressions

Advent Children returns to DVD and Blu-ray, with some new enhancements. Possible spoilers.


TOKYO--Square Enix today showed a very brief trailer for its upcoming rerelease of Advent Children, titled Advent Children: Complete, which is due to hit stores in both DVD and Blu-ray formats.

The trailer didn't show much in the way of new material, although it did briefly show both the DVD and Blu-ray version of Advent Children: Complete in a side-by-side comparison. From what we could see, the Blu-ray version had a marginally smoother picture and slightly brighter colors, but nothing that would necessarily be worth paying a large premium for.

More intriguingly, though, was the apparently new material that seems to have been included in the Complete version of the disc. Although we're not sure of the extent of the material, a brief changed scene was shown in the trailer. After Sephiroth stabs Cloud through the shoulder near the end of the original version of the film, he simply remained impaled to a wall; but here, Sephiroth picks him up off the ground and holds him aloft by the blade of the sword.

The trailer ended at that point, giving only a glimpse at what might have changed in this "complete" version of the film. Whether this is a true director's cut of the film, or if it simply incorporates a small change or two to try to get people to buy the Blu-ray version, remains to be seen. We'll have more details on the title as they become available.

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Sephiroth "picks Cloud up off the ground and holds him aloft by the blade of the sword"? Man, if Cloud threw ya tail in the Nibelhiem Incident with the sword impaled in him, don't think he won't do it again LOL. Yeah, I wish they would remake FFVII for the PS3 too because I was only 6 years old.

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i have 2 blu-ray movies and it was very good i think that FF 7 advent will be super in blu-ray . but i wish they remake the original version on ps3 because i was under age back then.

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ffvII is good why stop making it when it is selling so good if hate it so much then dont bother even buying and let the ones who still like it play it until it is actulaly dead

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Also, I think that they need to let go of FF7 and concentrate on making other games. I mean MY GOD! They've made so many continuations off of it that it's nuts!

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I watched the normal version on TV Links before it was closed down, and it was amazing! I wonder what they could've added to it?

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I hope this comes out soon.

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got the DVD but I'll sell it and get the Bluray version when it comes out.

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Has there been any news regarding this movie?

Avatar image for DanteDiPasquale

Why let FFVII die? If you want it to die then don't buy it -- there you go it is officially dead to you. If something is good and they can make it good then of course I'll bite into it and urge them on.

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These guys are paid to know what will sell and increase profit. I must sya these paid professionals are good at their job. Ive been shellin out for all this compilation stuff (and sadly) no matter how bad it gets.....they have a supporter in me T___T (oh God why does VII have to be me second passion in life)

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"Square Enix... I think it's time to stop thrusting FF7 stuff down our throats. Yes, FF7 was good and I enjoyed Advent Chidlren and Last Order... but with Dirge of Cerberus around the corner and now this... for goodness sake, let it die." I'd say the same about Mario. Even more so.

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ill defenetly buy the blu ray version

Avatar image for deadskies

Why does everyone say "OMG MILKING LOL" Seriously, just because a game is open-ended and gets much deserved sequels doesnt make it milked. I'm glad Advent Children is getting a special addition because it's also including a english dub of Last-Order for those who didn't know.

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i love ff7 but yea when will it stop... oh wait maybe when we stop buying it time after time.

Avatar image for peeweeshift

final fantasy 7 is being milked to the death. if they truly want more money they should just remake it on ps3 or even....wii.

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If they add more scenes and bundle this with Last Order, I'll waste no time buying it. But if they really want my money, they should bundle Last Order and On the way to a Smile. Pop it in a collectors tin with a keychain and they have guaranteed at least 55 of my hard earned dollars.

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Square Enix... I think it's time to stop thrusting FF7 stuff down our throats. Yes, FF7 was good and I enjoyed Advent Chidlren and Last Order... but with Dirge of Cerberus around the corner and now this... for goodness sake, let it die.

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Advent children Good Version? I thought the trailers were better than the movie. Don't get me wrong; the graphics get a perfect 5 out of five, but the movie is a 3/5 in my mind, 3.5/5 tops. But "last order" was perfect, can't believe it wasn't released here.

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amazing film, IF your an FF7 fan. i spent the first couple of times, watching it whilst trying to explain what was happening to every1 else lol.

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whoa a complete version? that's awesome!

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sweet ill buy ill it on blu ray...hopefully theyll have last order on the disc

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WingcommanderIV, bob_dartagnan... You both missed the story behind Advent Children? I don't really think you deserve to be playing Final Fantasy if you think AC was nothing but fights scenes strewn about. Sure there is a bit of excessive action, mainly the second bike scene, which is very awesome, but very long. and Bahamut should have been summoned AFTER kadaj summoned KOR so the entire AVALANCHE group could have fought something, instead of them doing nothing to a big monster so cloud could kill it in two minutes. But to say there was no story is assinine.

Avatar image for Zonelezz

hmm jsut more stuff in the movie.. i wouldnt expect alot..

Avatar image for bob_dartagnan

WingcommanderIV If they give the movie an actual plot this time, I'll buy it. Otherwise, it's nothing more than a series of fight scenes in beautiful CGI. Last I checked, Final Fantasy meant more than that. I second that! Amen brother!

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If they give the movie an actual plot this time, I'll buy it. Otherwise, it's nothing more than a series of fight scenes in beautiful CGI. Last I checked, Final Fantasy meant more than that.

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I havent got a PsP and i dont plan to buy one, this will be beautiful if it comes to AUS, ill probably get it on blu-ray for my beautiful Ps3.

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I gotta see this trailer. Hopefully, they add more fight scenes with Cloud and crew.

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Wonder if they're going to change the char models back to the original ones (Cloud and Kadaj) from the very first trailer, they didn't all look like Gackt clones then.

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Cool, can't wait to see the trailer!

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when will this trailer be available for us to see?

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I hope they added back in all the hgihway scenes from the original trailer that they cut out.

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I smell milking. Ok about the Blu-Ray version, it was bound to happen, but to re-release it on plain old DVD? S-E just continues to lose points in my book.

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and why did you delete the face??

Avatar image for Nico_14_Ian

Where do you see trailer?!?!? Give me!!!

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Amen, my good friend.

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Whoa....well, now I gotta buy this one

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They fixed the mako reacter scene? AWSEOME! Amazing they listened to the hardcore story fans.

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Hmm...I'm still a little skeptical as to whether this "Complete" version will be worth it. Not to confuse it with dislike for the game (still my favorite game of all time till this day), but the movie became somewhat dissapointing as I watched time and again and began to spot flaws. Unless it has something truly worth it, like alternate endings or something of the sort, as oppossed to a few minutes of extra or modified scenes within the movie, I do not beleive it will constitute a repurchase. In either case, only time (or more information) will tell...

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I would assume with 1080p res + the best CG in a movie = a big improvement for blu-ray, is this not so??

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wow major milkage

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I liked the movie because i liked the game more than the other games the was relased

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I didn't buy the original, I rented it. I loved it, so I will buy this version. Kind of convenient for me....too convenient! I think my house is bugged...

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That film and the original game are awesome. Don't think i'm gonna bother buying the new release though. i hope they actually release a remake of FF7 on the ps3. the graphics on that thing look unreal.

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what is the blue ray version??

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man, the story was weird and the visuals were stunning, nice but disappointing at the same time. Just release the FF VII on PS3 and we'll be all good, oh, throw in some ultimas and omegas and even better. Oh, and throw in more side quests, and then throw in more monsters and harder...wait...just make a sequel!

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I think this will be the video that Sony packs with the PS3. Many people Love FF and to see FF on Blu-Ray would be awesome this way it show to people what is great with BR. So I think this would be awesome if packed with the PS3.

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I mean for the ones ho baught this movie before is the deffrence a new story or jest one or two scence if that was the story then there is no way bying this

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yay, it better have more extras

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