TG-16 games arrive on Wii

Virtual Console gets updated with first games from NEC's legacy system; Bonk's Adventure and Bomberman '93 selling for 600 points each.


When Nintendo launched the Wii on Sunday, it did so with the promised dozen downloadable retro games available on the system's Virtual Console. But while the initial 12 offerings on the service included titles from the NES, the Super Nintendo, the Sega Genesis, and the Nintendo 64, the small slate of previously announced TurboGrafx-16 games was entirely absent.

Nintendo rectified that situation today, as the company has released a pair of TG-16 games on the Virtual Console. Gamers can now download Bonk's Adventure, the debut of the system's megacephalic mascot, and Hudson's Bomberman '93. Each game will set users back 600 Wii Points, or $6.

By the end of the year, Bonk and Bomberman will be joined on the Virtual Console by a handful of other TurboGrafx games, including Super Star Soldier, Victory Run, and Dungeon Explorer.

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