TF2 Not Doing a Halloween Event, But It Is Getting New Stuff

Team Fortress 2 is taking a break from its annual event to work on "something even better," Valve says.


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Valve has announced on its blog that, like last year, it's passing on doing an annual Halloween event for Team Fortress 2. Instead, the developer is focusing on content that it says is "even better."

The new content Valve is working on includes Competitive mode improvements and a big update and campaign. The campaign is likely not a single-player or co-op affair, but instead another event that has a set of contracts for players to complete. Valve also said a new Pyro pack is coming, as Pyro won a recent event against Demoman. Unfortunately, the developer did not go into any specifics beyond that.

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For those longing for something Halloween-related, Valve is bringing back every past Scream Fortress event for a limited time next week--this includes last year's Merasmissions. As for new content, players can expect a Halloween taunt, an item that affects taunts with irregular results, and a cosmetics case. Valve will also deliver some community Halloween maps and custom contracts that go with them.

Team Fortress 2 added its Competitive mode earlier this year. All nine classes are available in a 6v6 match, but it doesn't have random critical hits. Your rank is determined by your performance in matches, in which you'll more likely be playing against others in your own rank.

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