TF2 masks to appear in Saints Row: The Third

THQ unveils nine Team Fortress 2 masks for Saints Row: The Third.

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With the launch of Saints Row: The Third just two months ago, THQ and Volition Inc. are busy readying upcoming downloadable content drops. While the Genki Bowl VII and CheapyD's free homie add-on packs are slated to arrive on January 17, THQ has one more surprise up its sleeve for PC owners.

After teaming up with Valve, PC owners of Saints Row: The Third will soon be able to dress up their Saints avatars in Team Fortress 2 apparel. The items of clothing in question consist of nine Team Fortress 2 masks. The nine disguises will automatically be downloaded via Steam's updater on January 17, and they can then be used in the game straightaway.

Just what the city of Steelport needs: more crazies.
Just what the city of Steelport needs: more crazies.

This isn't the first time the 3rd Street Saints have crossed paths with the seasoned warriors of Team Fortress 2; earlier this month, Valve released three Saints Row: The Third-themed in-game items for Team Fortress 2, which were exclusive to those who preordered THQ's open-world game.

Saints Row: The Third sees the 3rd Street Saints expand into a new city called Steelport and take on an international gang that's trying to take them out. Before the game's release, THQ announced that preorders for Saints Row: The Third had quadrupled those of its predecessor, and THQ expects the game to reach the coveted 3 million copies shipped by March.

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