Tetris: Axis spinning on 3DS Oct. 2

Nintendo publishing Hudson Soft's take on block-dropping puzzle game with 20 different modes, eight-player multiplayer battles using a single game card.


Ever since the original Game Boy, Tetris has been a staple on Nintendo's handheld hardware. Its latest portable will be no exception, as Nintendo today announced that it will publish Tetris: Axis for the 3DS on October 2.

Tetris: Axis will feature a wealth of new modes in addition to classics like Marathon.
Tetris: Axis will feature a wealth of new modes in addition to classics like Marathon.

Developed by Hudson Soft, Tetris: Axis features more than 20 variations on the classic puzzle game, with four of them (Marathon, Computer Battle, Fever, and Survival) considered "featured" modes. Among the remaining 16 ways to play will be party game modes, augmented-reality modes, and local or online multiplayer modes.

Tetris: Axis will also support download play, so two to eight 3DS owners will be able to play Marathon, Versus Battle, and Fever modes off a single copy of the game. Finally, Nintendo is also including SpotPass functionality, with players able to obtain new items for the game's Fever mode from other players' systems.

Nintendo has published versions of Tetris for all of its portable platforms except the Game Boy Advance. THQ held the Tetris license at the time and used it to release the critically reviled Tetris Worlds. In addition to the original Tetris on the Game Boy, Nintendo released Tetris DX for the Game Boy Color and Tetris DS for the Nintendo DS.

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Tetris will never...ever get old....EVER

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YES!!!! I have yet to buy a 3DS, but when i do... IM GETTIN THIS!

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Well, Tetris was born to be played in a handheld

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@ Flint247 Oh sweet,deviant art. I like that place.I'll have to grab a few icons sometime.Thanks very much.

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@Wormkid_64 I make them for my DA profile: << LINK REMOVED >>

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Quite a few modes that is. Looking forward to it.

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@ Flint247 Where do you get all your Yoshi Avatar clips? I might like to put one up for awhile.

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tetris + portable = im sold.

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Damn this is tempting me to go and pick up a 3DS

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I quite liked Tetris DS. It was the normal standby for when I had time to kill, since most of my other games were of the "you will miss hidden items if you don't play with a guide open" type. That said, this kind of simple but addictive gameplay is honestly something I'd rather play on my phone now, and have my portable console reserved for more involved stuff that would make better use of the hardware.

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I haven't owned a Tetris game since the original Gameboy version... might pick this up. :D

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This is just cool sounding I'm gonna have 2 give it a try

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Ah Tetris, it never gets old. And who can say "no" to a Tetris game with 20 modes and download play for up to 8 players from a single copy? This is a must get for me.

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I believe I'm willing to pick up something with 20 modes,AR function, and single card multiplayer.

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Seems cool. :)

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Now we are really getting somewhere when Nintendo really gets behind it's "Download Play" basically, Nintendo understands that friends share music/games/etc.etc.etc. one purchase on the "green market" is nowhere near equal to 8 on the devil's black market but at least nintendo "gets it"

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Wow... So many different modes and finally a game that's worked in augmented reality. Let's just hope that all of this content doesn't turn out to be less than an afterthought.

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this is the weirdest tetris yet....now im beggining to wonder whats next

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So many remakes. To date though, the original has been #1 of them all. Still, this looks pretty interesting

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well, it seems to be doing a very interesting twist on Tetris. hey, it has online too

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I bought tetris DS and enjoyed the game for a really long time specially playing online but now i don't think i would pay 30-40$ for a tetris game unleast it offer a lot of new features. Like moviequest14 said nowaday it's easy to find tetris game for free or for much cheaper everywhere so without new features i doubt this game will be worth the money... I would like if they could bring back 3D tetris from the N64 version i think this would be a nice addition to the 3DS.

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This Tetris title will for sure have to pack a punch with features! It needs to be able to do quite a bit for people to pay $40 for a title they can play free on the internet,(more than likely) have free on their phone,and probably already own 5 copies of already on Nintendo portables and can even purchase for a couple hundred e-shop points for direct download....

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Yeah, cos that doesnt look s*$t....

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Finally, Tetris games are getting to be worth the money. I think this may be my first Tetris game, I've considered every one that's came out in the last few years.

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Tetris is the king of Puzzle games. Tetris Axis could help the spot pass feature actually catch on. Plus having the single copy for mulitplayer is helpful. So hopefully this tetris won't end up as this generations Tetris worlds.

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I also like Tetris since I always played it as a kid,but I'm not getting it too.

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Sounds interesting.

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I like Tetris, but not enough to actually buy it.

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Sounds great! I want this.

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What a cool way to play Tetris game :D (looking at pic)

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EDIT: I stand corrected. It does have online multiplayer. Hmmm... Could be interesting. I just don't get why every game on Nintendo systems fails to take advantage of the possibility of online play. A lot of people like tetris, Tetris DS was popular on the original DS for some time, so I am almost certain this would have had a small online community. But not now.