Tetris 99-Like Battle Royale Game Announced For Mobile

Tetris 99, meet Tetris Royale.


The Nintendo Switch's surprising battle royale-like Tetris 99 is getting some competition. A new Tetris battle royale game, Tetris Royale, is now in development for iOS and Android.

The Verge reports that the game is a mobile version of Tetris 99. It will feature a Solo Marathon mode and daily reward challenges, alongside its 100-player competitive mode. Though no release date has been announced, beta testing for the game will start sometime later this year.

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Tetris 99 was announced during and released after a February 2019 Nintendo Direct. It's free to download and play for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers and pits you against 98 other Tetris players around the world. Tetris 99 also recently added paid DLC that includes offline modes (CPU Battle and Marathon) for $10 USD / $14 AUD / £8 GBP.

In our Tetris 99 review, we said, "Tetris 99 may not be a proper battle royale game, but it taps into the same emotional well, where a large number of players vying for supremacy creates an ever-present intensity that's difficult to shake. Add that layer to a game that's plenty capable of instilling tension on its own, and you've got a riveting experience that even at its worst is still a game very much worth playing."

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