Tetris 99 Crossover Event With Mario Golf: Super Rush Revealed

You can earn Super Rush content for the Tetris battle royale game starting later this week.


Nintendo has announced a new online event for Tetris 99 that is themed around the recently released Mario Golf: Super Rush. The Tetris 99 Grand Prix 22 challenges players to earn 100 event points to unlock new content based around Super Rush.

The new Maximus Cup runs midnight PT on July 9 through 11:59 PM PT on July 12, and during this time, you'll be challenged to finish high on the ladder to get the most event points. Once you reach 100 event points, you'll get new art, music, and Tetromino designs based on Super Rush. You can see some of the new content in the announcement trailer below.

If you're able to reach 100 points and unlock the Super Rush content, it's yours to keep in the game permanently; it's not tied to the duration of the event itself.

Tetris 99 has previously crossed over with franchises like Pokemon and Animal Crossing, just to name a few. Tetris 99 is a battle royale-style Tetris game where 99 people play against each other at the same time until only one person remains and is crowned the winner.

In other Nintendo news, the company just announced a Switch OLED model that is set for release in October for $350. The company will also sell the new dock by itself.

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