Testers wanted for Massive Assault Network

Wargaming.net is accepting applications for the beta test of its upcoming futuristic turn-based strategy game.


Massive Assault Network

Wargaming.net today announced that it is accepting applications for the beta test of Massive Assault Network via its official Web site. Massive Assault Network is based on the turn-based strategy game Massive Assault, which was released last year, but it will boast significantly improved multiplayer options.

"We believe our beta testers will get a rewarding experience while testing this innovative online product. They will be able to play deathmatches on all seven planets and will enjoy massive ground, naval, and air warfare," said Victor Kislyi, president of Wargaming.net. "All the beta testers will get a good deal of personal training from our dedicated mentors and from the enthusiastic Massive Assault players."

When it's released, Massive Assault Network will offer free multiplayer play on one planet, while other planets and participation in tournaments and clan wars will only be available to subscribers. The main features that the game will add to Massive Assault are an opponent-finder system, integrated in-game chat, detailed online statistics, a personal challenge system, and a tournament manager tool.

No release date for Massive Assault Network has been announced at this time, but the closing date for beta test applications is March 16. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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