Test Drive vets take their own studio for a spin

Former Eden Games devs establish new indie shop Blossom Minds to focus on downloadable games with "big production polish"; first effort due next year.


Test Drive Unlimited 2

In May, a group of developers at Test Drive Unlimited studio Eden Games staged a symbolic walkout. The studio apparently also suffered a more literal walkout, as a group of 10 former employees of the Atari subsidiary today announced the formation of their new studio, Blossom Minds.

Some nice mind fertilizer will really help those minds come in pretty.
Some nice mind fertilizer will really help those minds come in pretty.

Based in Lyon, France, Blossom Minds has a stated goal "to create original and quality content for the digital distribution market." The studio will work on smaller projects, but stressed that its efforts will carry "big production polish." The studio's first game is expected to debut next year.

Blossom Minds isn't the only new upstart studio on the scene staffed by former AAA devs from a major publisher and looking to make smaller titles. Earlier today, a pair of Ubisoft developers with experience on the publisher's Tom Clancy line of games announced the formation of Game Bakers. The studio's first title is called Squids, and it will arrive this fall for PC, Mac, and mobile platforms.

For more on Blossom Minds' roots, check out GameSpot's review of Test Drive Unlimited 2.

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