Test Drive Unltd. gold, demoed

Atari's open-ended racer is out of the shop and off to manufacturing; second Xbox 360 demo comes tomorrow, features new cars and crotch rocket.


Test Drive Unlimited certainly is living up to its name--the "Test Drive" part at least. Atari today announced that a second free trial of the Xbox 360 racer will be headed to Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow. The new demo will include three new cars--the Ferrari F430, the Ford Mustang GT, and the AC Cobra--as well as a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R motorcycle.

Along with the new wheels comes new avenues to burn rubber on. The demo will feature four new offline challenges and two new online challenges that support up to eight racers, or drivers can challenge others they meet on the road or simply cruise the coasts of an accurately replicated Oahu, Hawaii. Other basic gameplay improvements, such as improved online performance and car handling and sharper graphics, have also been added.

Those who try the demo and want to purchase the game won't have to wait long. Today, Atari also announced that the game has finished development and that its gold master has been sent off for replication. The game is scheduled to ship to stores on September 5.

Test Drive Unlimited is rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older and will retail for $39.99. A PC version is also currently in development and will be released later this year. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Supposedly the first demo was greatly improved if you cranked the steering sensitivity to the max, making it realistic. Perhaps this demo needs the same adjustment, assuming you can adjust that in this demo.

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i've played the new demo a few times and like the game a little bit more each time. A lot of people feel that the controls of the car suck big time, but as you play the game more and more you'll get use to the feel of the cars. Just like any other racing games whose car controls are different than others (e.g. gran turismo and need for speed, and or forza) it takes time to get use to the cars handling. From what i can tell from the demo this is shaping up to be a great game. Tons of sweet cars blazing down the streets of hawaii, tons of customization options for your character and the ability to have a house and store cars. Hopefully when the actual game comes out maybe the controls maybe have been tweaked a little more before they sent the master copy to the factory. I hope gamespot will rate this an 8 or so, if not maybe a high 7.

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i kno the handling feels AWFUL and bikes never stay on the road and cars usually start heading for the nearest banner

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The vechicles handle like crap!!!

Avatar image for comthitnuong

it looks alright...

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oh, cool... i will download and never buy lol

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Avatar image for jacques117

another piece of crap

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Awsome! Yo I am so siked for this game! I am totally gonna take advantage of that Kawasaki Ninja! IN LIME GREEN BABY!

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the demo's out!!! downloading now!!

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I'm just hoping there's no time limit to the demo like last time. But this is great news, especially the price. This is shaping up to be a really great game, We'll soon see if it lives up to its potential.

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Ohhh.. I hope there is no time limit on this demo.

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$39.99? The b'stards are charging £39.99 in the UK. Thats nearly double the US price. Another example of RIP-OFF Britain!!!!

Avatar image for watercandle

Just wait Forza 2.

Avatar image for soulknight63133

duhh!! it's a RACING game.

Avatar image for nuwans_basic

this is a crap game! like most of sega's games! all you do is race around,nothing new......slight better graphics and thats it!!!!!! its a pile of CRAP

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thats sweet, the last demo was poor but i still have faith The microtransactions thing is buggont though, oblivions razur level was 1.50 and the file was 426k, that means it was already on the game and you just paid for a secret door. I think microsoft have been greedy with the 360, and if PS3 comes out and gets the pricing right it will kill it, i mean, if we're paying

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where in the hell is the pc demo damn it? I dont care about the xbox 360 demo.

Avatar image for Rossdaboss777

bad frame rate and scren tearing

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Be warned, it's going to retail for $40 because it's chock-full-o microtransactions. Expect to be paying real world money for parts and bling, atleast some of them. They certainly ain't retailing it at $40 to be nice. If they charge $60 and have the amount of microtransactions they are intending everyone would return it. A local game store got 5 Chromehounds returns the day the 100/60pt microtransactions came out.

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Sounds dam good, I can't wait to see it. I really go for racing games. If I could afford it I'd have every racing game out.

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I didn't think the demo was very good until I was told that by increasing the steering sensitivity in the menus, that the driving would fell more along the lines of PGR3. And then I really enjoyed it, especially the excellent in-car view(ala PGR3). Add to that customization, MOOR, $40, and excellent online community about to come, and I'd say you have a winner. Go to options and turn the steering sensitivity all the way up, it's like night and day.

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im so buying this game. its gonna be like $40 and its fun

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More demos yihu.

Avatar image for Bladex2k

a great game at a great price. its a no brainer i have to get this

Avatar image for rokkuman09

I can't wait

Avatar image for drack48

I wasn't impressed by the frst demo at all. With racing games, I know in like 10 minutes if I like it or not.

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The reason these demos have time limits is because these are the demos used in E3 and the time limit is a way of forcing someone to move on and let the next person have their turn. Hopefully this new demo wont have a time limit. I played the old demo off line, so I don't think the full game will be online only.

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More Test Drive? Me likes it. :D

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is this going to be completly online? cause right now all i have is the Xbox Live Gold for a month because its a trial or somthing. But i really dont want to have to buy the Gold just because i really want this game! lol. So is it going to be able to be played off line?

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this is sweet, but hopefully the demo and game itself are better than the first demo. and for gods sakes, NO MORE TIME LIMITS in demos!

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The old demo sucked, I hope the new demo doesn't have a true time limit, or at least has better controls. It looks like a solid game, but I'm sure the 40 will help the sales numbers quite a bit. The MOOR is where it's going to be won or lost.

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Awesome!,this should be a solid racer,and for an excellent price!

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I think Test Drive will do well in sales seeing as it is only 40. That is not a bad deal at all.

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I went to download the old demo, but it isn't on Live anymore. I'm glad they are putting up a new one. I still remember playing the first test drive on my Apple IIe. Back then, I didn't know why you would want to start in first gear (5 is better than 1 right?) The first game was supposed to be a representation of climbing Pikes Peak in Colorado... we have come a long way from there.

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Does the game suck and they had to price it like Ridge Racer even before it came out? 2 Demos? One crappy one? This does not bode well....

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i know what i'll be downloading tomorrow!

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This game was a ton of fun, i can't wait to DL tomorrow.

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i didnt like demo that much. ripped of pgr3 camera roatation

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$39.99 is that correct?? I was going to buy this game at 59.99

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Can't wait to get downloading tomorrow! I was disappointed by the first demo (awful handling, poor use of motion-blur, police is just a nuisance and so on), but I'm sure they've improved on the game by then. It's cheap, too!

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Cool, I wasn't too impressed with the first Live demo so hopefully the offline modes and new vehicles will give a better feel of the final game.

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wow so 2 new 360 demos tomorrow! cant wait.

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i live on oahu, and playing the first demo wasn't quite "accurate", in fact it was totally wrong..haha

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Damn, why is it still a high price here in the UK? Rip-Off Britain strikes again!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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