Test Drive: Off-Road 3 Preview

Here are screenshots from Jeff Gordon Racing.


Test Drive Off-Road 3 will feature 30 licensed off-road vehicles and more than 15 tracks. Your truck's suspension, tires, and transmission are completely tunable, letting you get your vehicle just right for each track. The game is running on a new engine this time out, which allows for tracks with multiple paths and plenty of breakable objects.

TDOR3 is still in development, though some of the new levels, like the swamp, look really fun to play. As you go bogging through the mud, you can see little chunks of mud coming off your tires and getting on your vehicle. The game visually looks pretty good - the levels have lots of trees and an overall open feel. Shortcuts have also been added to give the game some diversity. It looks like Accolade is headed in the right direction with the game, which will be available this fall for the PlayStation.

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