Test Drive: Eve of Destruction ships

The demolition edition of Atari's Test Drive series of racing games is now available for the Xbox and PlayStation 2.


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Atari has shipped its demolition racer Test Drive: Eve of Destruction to stores. The latest installment in Atari's long line of Test Drive racing games is available for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 and will retail for $39.99.

Eve of Destruction takes a turn away from the realistic racing simulations of the Test Drive series and instead puts players in the driver's seat of a demolition racing car, including such unorthodox vehicles as school buses and ambulances. Players then take their rides into the dirt ring to compete in such events as the suicide race, the trailer race, and the demolition derby.

Atari also announced the full--but short--soundtrack for the game. The songs included are:

  • Auto Pilot Off: What I Want
  • Hoobastank: Out of Control
  • Rob Zombie: Never Gonna Stop
  • Sum 41: Still Waiting
  • Thrice: The Artist and the Ambulance
  • Thursday: Between Rapture and Rupture

For more on Test Drive: Eve of Destruction, see GameSpot's preview.

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