Terraria Dev Comes Out Strong Against Epic Games Store Exclusivity

Re-logic won't sell out.


The battle between the Epic Store and Steam continues to grow hotter, with a plethora of developers choosing the former over the latter because of the 88/12% revenue split and exclusivity deals with Epic. While enticing to some, Terraria developer Re-Logic has vowed not to make its games Epic Store exclusives.

According to a tweet by Re-Logic's vice president Whitney Spinks, nothing the indie studio develops will ever be exclusive to the Epic Store. Spinks goes so far as to say the studio won't "sell our souls" but is sympathetic to those who opt for the guaranteed cash from an exclusivity deal.

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Spinks was responding to concerns from Terraria players about the studio making an appearance at the PC Gaming Show at this year's E3, which is scheduled for Monday, June 10 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Because the Epic Store is involved with the PC Gaming Show, fans thought either Terraria or whatever Re-Logic is working on next may get the Epic Store exclusivity treatment. Spinks has otherwise dispelled this by saying, "There is no amount of money we could be offered to sell our souls."

This news is in stark contrast to the multitude of games skipping Steam. Big titles, such as Detroit: Become Human (as well as other Quantic Dream games Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain) and Metro Exodus, have chosen to forgo Steam for the Epic Store. Ubisoft's recently-released The Division 2 and newly-announced Ghost Recon Breakpoint are also opting for Epic Store exclusivity. Even Mike Bithell, developer of Thomas Was Alone and Volume, is placing John Wick Hex on the Epic Store exclusively.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said that if Steam changes its revenue shares, the Epic Store will alter its exclusivity policy. "If Steam committed to a permanent 88% revenue share for all developers and publishers without major strings attached," he said. "Epic would hastily organize a retreat from exclusives (while honoring our partner commitments) and consider putting our own games on Steam."

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