Terminator Genisys Sequels More Likely After International Success

Arnold might be back (again).


The latest Terminator adventure, Terminator Genisys, was not the massive hit that many had predicted when it opened in July to largely negative reviews and a mediocre box office performance. To date, it has only pulled in $89 million domestically--however, the surprise success of the film in China, where it opened this weekend, may turn the film's fortunes around.

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Variety have reported that the film made $27.4 million, the fourth biggest opening ever for a Hollywood movie in China. This performance continues the trend of American films doing far better overseas that at home, with nearly three-quarters of its total $335.1 million worldwide gross coming from international audiences. In July, Bloomberg estimated that Terminator Genisys would require a total pull of at least $450 million for Paramount to break even, and while the movie remains short of this, the Chinese success is a major boost.

As it stands, there are two sequels to the picture pencilled in for 2017 and 2018. While Paramount have refused to comment officially on whether they would still happen, last month The Hollywood Reporter suggested that there was definite uncertainly behind the scenes. "We will definitely need to see the holds globally to confirm that people like the film," one studio source was quoted as saying.

Terminator Genisys is directed by Alan Taylor and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, and Jai Courtney. It follows 2009's Terminator Salvation and is the fifth film in the Terminator franchise.

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