Terminator Franchise is Still Alive, Producer Confirms

"I wouldn't say on hold, so much as re-adjusting."


The health of the Terminator franchise has been in question over the past couple of weeks, but it now seems as if there may yet be life in the action sci-fi series.

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This summer's Terminator: Genisys was not the smash hit that Paramount had hoped for, taking an underwhelming $89 million domestically. Despite some success overseas--the global gross stands at $440 million--it was reported that the studio had now put the series "on hold indefinitely."

However, one of the film's producers has weighed in on the subject at The Wrap's Annual Media Leadership Conference in Los Angeles, and confirmed that there were still plans for future Terminator projects.

"We're ultimately happy with overall worldwide numbers [for Genisys]. Do I wish we would have done better domestically? Absolutely," admits Dana Goldberg, Chief Creative Officer at Skydance Media. "Happily, we live in the world where the domestic number had a level of importance 10 or 15 years ago. I'm not saying it's not important, it is--but we have to play to a worldwide market. The worldwide market paid attention, but we're not taking the domestic number lightly."

Goldberg explains that the next step for the company would be to explore what Terminator fans liked in the latest film, and what didn't work for them. "[We will use] data and research to do a worldwide study and really talk to audiences about what they loved, and what maybe didn't work for them, so that the next step we take with the franchise is the right one."

Nevertheless, Goldberg made it clear that the Terminator was very much an active property. "I wouldn't say on hold, so much as re-adjusting, " she said. "[But] we are not going to begin production at the beginning of next year, because again, it would be silly to not have to worry about what audiences have to say."

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