Terminator 3, Driver 3 GameCube releases pulled

Atari today confirmed it would not publish Terminator 3 and Driver 3 for the Nintendo GameCube platform as previously planned.


Atari confirmed today that two high-profile titles had been pulled from continued GameCube development.

An Atari spokesperson told GameSpot today that Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is indeed scheduled to be released alongside the DVD (scheduled for November) but that "there simply wasn't enough time to develop the game on all three platforms. Therefore, the game will not be published on GameCube."

In addition, Atari addressed its decision to cease development on a GameCube version of Driver 3 by stating that "it is extremely important to both [the game's developer] Reflections and Atari that the game achieve unmatched quality in all aspects of the title when it ships next year. Because of that, we've decided to focus the efforts of our development team on maximizing the game's potential on our lead SKUs, Xbox and PS2. Therefore, the game will not be published on GameCube."

Atari said that Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma is still shipping for the GameCube as previously planned, despite some sources reporting otherwise.

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