Teppen Enters Phoenix Wright's Courtroom With New Ace Vs The People Expansion

The Ace Attorney-themed update adds new cards and investigation-themed mechanics to the mix.


GungHo Online Entertainment has announced a brand-new expansion for its Capcom-themed card battle mobile game Teppen, and Ace Attorney fans will have no objections to the game's new direction.

Ace vs The People will add cards for multiple characters in the Ace Attorney universe, including bumbling detective Dick Gumshoe, the coffee-fueled prosecutor Godot, and Wright's eternal frenemy Miles Edgeworth. The expansion will also introduce the Dead Rising franchise to Teppen, with Frank West being the first characters to appear.

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Two new mechanics will be introduced with the new set, called Evidence and Present. Evidence can be found by using specific effects found on Unit and Action Cards, and when enough is gathered Present will use it to change the effects of Actions in battle.

Teppen first launched July 4, 2019 on mobile devices via a partnership between Capcom and the game's developer GungHo Online Entertainment. The card battler features multiple Capcom franchises including Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Resident Evil. This is not the only recent crossover featuring Street Fighter, as Ryu and Chun-Li have also recently featured in Fortnite and will soon be added to Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid as selectable fighters.

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