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The GameSpot readers sound off in the list of their top ten favorite NES games of all time.

By GameSpot Community - posted June 17, 2006

No Caption Providedwenty years after the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System, the GameSpot editors took a look back at the console that shaped gaming, in our feature Flashback NES.

As part of that experience, we asked our readers to submit their own nominations for their favorite NES games of all time. Nearly 12,000 votes were tallied to get these results, and thousands of submissions were read. Many readers cited excellent soundtracks on several games, claiming that the music was still ingrained in their memories. Other readers loved being able to play games with their friends and family and mentioned that in some instances, members of their families, such as their parents, enjoyed playing these games as much as they did. Quite a few people felt that the nature of their submission was so obvious that little needed to be said in defense of their choice.

If one thing can be said of NES games, it's that people are quite passionate about them. We've included excerpts from many of the submissions to help explain why the readers feel the way they do. What follows is an ordered list from 10 to 1 of the readers' top 10 NES games of all time.

If you want to just straight to the part where you sound off about the choices, feel free to jump right over to the comments section of our Honorable Mentions page Thanks for contributing, and enjoy!

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10. Ninja Gaiden

Publisher: Tecmo
Developer: Tecmo
Release Date: 1989
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Paul "Wallace" Esch
While a great deal of wonderful titles were authored for the NES, Ninja Gaiden stands out independent of the herd. Its perfect control, challenging game play, inspired level design, melodic score, and fun factor are reason enough to call it "the finest"! However, its ability to offer a complete gaming experience attached to a story that gave meaning to the action via a kind of artistic intrigue called the "cinema" gives it a special place in gaming history. Tecmo had composed an action masterpiece that few games can match, yet it's still playable even today.

Luciano Tarantino
Ninja Gaiden (1) was the greatest Nintendo Game because it had incredible visuals, play control, and replay value. I remember this game being the hardest Nintendo game ever because I couldn't get past the "Jaquio" for the life of me. I'd stay up all night if I had to. It was the perfect combination: Nintendo + Ninja's (which in the '80s went together like bread & butter). Pure fun! I'm still impressed when I see those old cut-scenes. The sequel showed lots more gore, but it was the story that gripped me as a tyke. I've played the hell out of this game to the point where I can do it w/o losing a single life. And in today's high res world, I still go back to my 8-bit masterpiece. They don't make 'em like this anymore.

Two words: casual misogyny. Just a girl. Get out of here! -Roscoe
Two words: casual misogyny. Just a girl. Get out of here! -Roscoe

Phil Hanna
Seriously surprised this didn't make it in [GameSpot's] top10. Incredibly fast paced and responsive for a side scrolling platformer. Everything was quick from your movement to your sword swipe to your jump. Many useful techniques to master such as climbing walls by flipping up and latching on again real fast. The ninja skills were all useful even the basic shuriken if you were a good shot. Wonderful level variation and design fantastic musical score and engrossing plot. The difficulty level was very hard but through practice you can really master the game. The second game in the series was excellent as well. Top notch.

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9. Duck Hunt

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: Oct 15, 1985
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Ryan Poole
You know video games can be quite influential on a young mind. Which is why Mr. Peepers' (the dog) constant mockery and ridicule for coming up short on the duck hunt drove me to push myself harder in life. Now whenever I'm presented with a choice regarding success vs. failure I just ask myself what would Mr. Peepers do I failed? He would probably laugh... And you don't want Mr. Peepers laughing at you.

David "Beyorkin" Newton
Duck Hunt appealS (as in currently) to one of the most basic human instincts - the need to hunt. This game succeeds at providing satisfaction without intense graphics or a fancy physics engine but with a single immersing controller.

THE DOG. Seriously. -Kat
THE DOG. Seriously. -Kat

Scott Merrill
I never had my own NES but remember playing the NES at friends houses. Sometimes I would want to sit and play their NES for hours. They were never too happy about this. But the only game I ever remember LOVING to play was Duck Hunt. I was amazed to see the ducks fall from the sky when I pointed the gun at them and shot. Maybe I loved it so much because I never fully understood how it worked.

Tyler Crowder
Do you hunt like a blind man? Do you end up shooting your friend in the face when you go quail hunting? Does your friends make fun of you for your horrible accuracy? Well we've I've got an answer for you DUCK HUNT. I guarantee that you will kill at least 5 helpless little *digital* birds. And if you still suck just get closer to the screen. In no time your friends will hail you as the reason for digital duck exstinction.

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8. Metroid

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: August 1986
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Chris Remo
Metroid has not aged as well as some of its classic contemporaries in terms of playability, but its legacy has aged far better than most. The game was utterly revolutionary, introducing the non-linear platformer style that has carried the series for decades through such fundamental changes as a shift to first-person. The solitary, even melancholy, sci-fi tone of the game also stood in sharp contrast to the popcorn-flick sci-fi of most games of the era. And to this day, I do not believe there is a more badass female protagonist than Samus Aran.

Jerrad Hermann
One of the few games where you can spend an entire month playing a game and finally discover a new item without any help from guides or maps and realize how utterly worthless it is (Wave Beam anyone? :p). It was also the first "scary" game on the NES and was just damn fun.

"What??? Samus is a chick!!!!" -Erik Chorn
"What??? Samus is a chick!!!!" -Erik Chorn

Chris DesRoches
While I wasn't born yet when the NES came out, by the time I was 5 they had dropped in price enough that my family's income could afford one. One of the great games we got at the yard sale we found the NES at was Metroid (and I still own that same cartridge). I remember being in my room playing the game till well past midnight, getting jumped from the birds coming down at me from the ceiling and almost yelling when I found I needed a new powerup to open the next door. I have rarely had an in depth experience like that, even with epics like Star Ocean or Xenosaga.

To quote Chris from Family Guy "You're a girl!!" Who knew girls could be so much fun? This game got the ball rolling for a series that is nothing short of amazing. Even though we have the fancy "first person adventure" versions of Metroid games now, nearly everyone still enjoys taking a trip back to the good ol' days. Nonlinear gameplay, multiple endings, vast world to explore, these are things that some video games still can't get right today, and that is why Metroid is THE best NES game of all time. Besides, who hasn't had a dream about Samus?

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7.Mega Man 2

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Release Date: Dec 24, 1988
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Billy Raum
EVERYONE loves this game, and everyone has a different progression of how you beat the bosses. It has the best music ever. And when you jump through a door, Megaman freezes in the air 15 years before the Matrix!

This game presented the best graphics and sound seen on a home TV set at the time. It was so awe inspiring I did not even mind handing over the controller to my brother--watching someone else play was as much fun. And how can you forget the chills you would get when you finally reached the level boss, the music turning sinister and you had only a vague sense of what he would do based on his name. I also remember almost falling off my chair when I saw the giant dragon on the first level of Wily's HQ. The game is breathtaking!

"One word. Soundtrack." -Johnny Garcia
"One word. Soundtrack." -Johnny Garcia

Mark "Shleco" Mina
Tougher than adamantium dipped in concrete, Megaman 2 was a heck of a challenge, but it had that all important 'one more go' factor. The varied levels and bosses were a real test of your brain and your skills - which order should you tackle them in? It's not often you get a sequel which is far better than the original, but Megaman 2 manages just that. Excellent.

Bobby Bokista
Metal Man's stage is the epitome of what is good about the game: variety. The stage doesn't even begin with any enemies. Conveyer-belt floors and crashing spikes familiarize the user with the game play and how our little blue hero moves. Then he moves over the drills coming out of the ground and ceiling. Gear Clowns come crashing down to run you over, and the metal slinkies pop up to knock you off the platforms. As Metal Man begins firing at you, your heart races and you just hope that you can shoot him faster than he can tear you apart.

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6. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: 1987
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The main reason I find this as the best NES game of all time is mainly because this was the very first game I played and mastered. As a 5-year-old, I learned a lot of things from this game. I learned Timing, Quick-Reflexes, and how to chuck your controller at your wall. I love this game very much; the music, stereotyped boxers, the boxart, and of course the fact that I'm one of the few people I know that KO'd Mike Tyson and to have him later tell me that I have great finger speed. This game has to be one of the best games of all time, not to mention one of the most difficult I played to date. Glass Joe, Bald Bull, Piston Honda, Mr. Sandman, Soda Popinski, Super Macho Man, and of course Little Mac should all be names every American teenage kid should grow up with as a start to video gaming.

"007 373 5963. Enough said." -Justin Ligas
"007 373 5963. Enough said." -Justin Ligas

Robert Gustafson
It captures the essence of a good boxing game, with memorable characters and one hell of a control! One of the few games you can still pick up and play even today with a smile on your face.

Mike Morales
I believe that Mike Tyson's Punch-Out is the best NES game of all time for many reasons. Beating Mike Tyson was only half of the fun. Getting to him by beating every other boxer was what completed the greatness. I liked the fact that every boxer had their own flurry of special punches and their weakness was exploited if they were dodged, blocked, or punched in the middle of their special attack. To make a long story short, this game was truly awesome from start to finish.

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5. Contra

Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Release Date: February 1988
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Andrew Asuelo
Classic, awesome, awe-inspiring; these are just three words to describe Contra. Contra was just one of those games that was so short, but you can just play as many times as you want and you'd never get tired of it. It's also one of those games where you can never beat it without a cheat. Of course, the enemies are never-ending and you'd always wonder why those running aliens never run out, but that's the fun of it. Whether it was by yourself or with a friend, Contra remains a classic as, in my opinion, the best co-op game there is.

I can't even describe how devoted I was to the sublime gameplay of Contra. I would always go to my friend's house and just play the game by myself. Yeah, sometimes I'd use the code, but I generally just went ahead with the standard 3 lives I was given. And I just wouldn't lose a life at all throughout the game. There was nothing better than getting the Spread Gun in the first level and keeping it throughout the rest of the game. I feel beating this game without losing any lives is one of my greatest accomplishments in gaming.

"It's frickin' Contra!" -T. Adams
"It's frickin' Contra!" -T. Adams

John Wei
I am from China, and the game Contra was ABSOLUTELY known by every teenager in late 1980s and early 1990s. My friends and I would spend days together trying to break the game without sacrificing a single life, which was pretty hard at that time. I still remember that I was the first guy in my town to beat the game with only 1 life. The soundtrack and music of the game was unmatched, and the story was so amazing that we just kept beating the game again and again using different weapons. I succeeded in beating the game with the plain rifle provided at the very beginning of the game, or with any one of the B, F, L, and S bombs. It was just so amazing at that time and definitely the greatest game of NES...

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4. Final Fantasy

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Square Enix
Release Date: Jul 12, 1990
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Doug Owens
As a 6th grader captivated with mythology and legend, Final Fantasy opened new doors for my imagination. I'll always remember that summer - putting myself in the shoes of those four adventurers. Perhaps I love it for nostalgia, but look at what the game has done for RPG's in the nearly two decades since its release in Japan! The original Dragon Warrior may have come first, but I'll never forget the first preview of Final Fantasy I read in Nintendo Power. Any game where you can travel in a canoe has GOT to be good. And let's not forget the oh-so-astounding fact that the game, like so many brilliant works of literature, comes completely full-circle! Ah, the memories.

"I Garland will knock you all down." -Mike Peters
"I Garland will knock you all down." -Mike Peters

Craig Badham
The defining quality of the Final Fantasy series has always been its storyline. Featuring one of the most complex text-based stories of its time, Final Fantasy outdid the story of Dragon Quest, which featured the traditional plot of saving the Princess from the evil villain. Of course, the complexity of the story was nothing compared to later games, but the ambitious groundwork laid by the young Square.

The story line is as follows: "The Earth is dying. Four warriors known as the majestic Light Warriors are prophesized to arrive, each with a special power to renew the world." Final Fantasy features a memorable cast of characters, who also set future guidelines for characters who appeared later in the series. Although character development is non-existent in this incarnation of the series, the characters also lack individual personalities, being identified only as their "class" or their job in battle. We have the Fighter, the Black Belt, the Thief, the Red Mage, and other character types that are either playable or non-playable character types.

Final Fantasy was more than revolutionary in the role-playing genre. Being the first game to feature enemies on the left and player characters on the right, the game also popularized turn-based battles. Much would still be developed in coming years, including the changing of certain aspects of the battle system: magic points aren't used yet, and the Active Time Battle system was yet to be implemented. Final Fantasy I was released in the USA in June of 1990, almost 3 years after it was released in Japan. By the time Final Fantasy I had been released in the US, Final Fantasy III had already been released in Japan. Nintendo, however, localized the game and published it in the United States where it actually sold more copies than in Japan!

Even though the success of this title was unprecedented for this type of game in the US, the sequels on the NES were never released in the states. This game practically created the RPG genre in the United States; its importance to the development of the genre is quite influential.

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3. Super Mario Bros.

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: October 1985
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Chris Henderson
Definitely the beginning of the video game era. When I was three, my uncle would come home from work and play this, and I learned every thing I know from that game. Hell, I learned how to count to 100 on that game.

David Herrera
Just remembering my mom play it is what stands out in my memory. Seeing how when she jump or ran with Mario and somehow thought that by moving the controller up left or right would help jump further or run faster is the funniest and best memory of mother and son sharing a hobby. Then she would hog the game up :(

"Cause Mario has mad hops!" -Cody
"Cause Mario has mad hops!" -Cody

Chris W
Super Mario Brothers not only gave me hours of fun gameplay as a child growing up, but still gives me this same feeling of pleasure today. Although I can beat the game in about 10 minutes now that I'm older, it's a feat worth accomplishing at college parties that can still get people to be in awe. Not only for beating the game so fast, but the fact that I still own it. :)

Kevin McArthur
Super Mario encapsulates everything that is still great about video games: music, characters, side scrolling, EVERYTHING. The NES IS the reason the industry is where it is today. Yes, Atari, Coleco, etc, were around first, but the NES marked the start of a widely marketed and successful system. They took it to the next level, and Mario was there the whole ride.

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2. The Legend of Zelda

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: Aug 22, 1987
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Morgan Carlson
While my heart is with Mario, I have to crown The Legend of Zelda as the best overall game of the NES era. It had a depth and complexity you didn't expect in a game back then, mixed with a solid challenge and memorable sound and music. Just seeing the origins of one of gaming's greatest series is a thrill for old fans like me.

Brad Barrett
Everything from the distinctive theme to the heart-beat bleep of Link's declining health, everything about this game is etched on my memory and my heart. The fiendish dungeons and unrelenting jigsaw aesthetic still bring grudging admiration today. The hideous boss creations surpass almost all such attempts today, and without them we wouldn't have Shadow of the Colossus or God of War. Gaming would still be sitting in its own gene pool. Emotion in gaming would be nonexistent. It spawned the greatest series of all time. Enough said?

"Two words: Second quest." -Al
"Two words: Second quest." -Al

Chris Faria
Why is this the best NES game? Why not, it had a large free roaming environment, interesting and unique characters...and GREAT BOSSES! This game was the first which demanded to be beaten. You couldn't just run through a few levels, you had to save the Princess, and this time she wasn't always in another castle!

Mike Dowd
I am 25 years old, and I still play both quests every 2 years or so. I wake up thinking about Zelda some mornings. The game is so open ended that you can make your own rules and challenges. Like only using the wooden sword or no sword at all and getting all the way to Ganon. (It can be done with time and lots of bombs). Or trying to beat it without anything that you don't absolutely need to solve the game. I just can't stop smoking that Zelda Crack. I seriously want to name my children Link and Zelda.

No Caption Provided

1. Super Mario Bros. 3

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: Feb 12, 1990
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Eddy Fusco
Not only is it a blast and a challenge, but it's also fun with a friend - something that my other choice (Zelda) doesn't have...although you can make a drinking game out of anything with your friends nowadays, multiplayer or not. Anyways, it's a timeless classic that anybody who plays will not only fall in love with but will also remember fondly.

Sean Doucette
I never actually had an NES, but my neighbor did, and I'd spend most of my free time at his place. When he got the game, it was the only one we'd play! It kept us entertained for hours on end, even after we'd finished it for the umpteenth time. I see it as platforming gameplay in its purest form--Nintendo had really outdone themselves with this game. The music and graphics simply blew me away. I'm 19, and I still play it to this day (at a friend's place).

"Kuribo's. Shoe." -Tiberius
"Kuribo's. Shoe." -Tiberius

This game was the best game that ever came out on the NES. It is a masterpiece that always remains entertaining and is very long. It is fun, colorful, and even has two-player opportunities! You can play a two-player (not co-op but still fun) game with another friend and that even furthers what this game is capable of entertainment-wise. It is the best NES game around, and it was so much fun that I think I'll go play it now. (Yes, it is still that fun!)

Stephen Nichols
SMB3 is a superior example of a work of art in entertainment. Who as a kid growing up in the NES age didn't play this game through at least a couple dozen times? I can still hum the tune and remember the levels. A hundred years from now, this game will still have relevance and entertainment value. There are few games one can go back to and truly enjoy--SMB3 will live on forever as one of them.

Honorable Mentions

No Caption Provided Bionic Commando

Brandon DeWitt
Bionic Commando was unique. It was the best NES game for me because it was in this game that I found my gamer's niche. When my friends came over, I could show off my effortless swinging and chuckle as they fumbled with the buttons trying to find a way to jump. Initially, the game frustrated me, but I held on, waded through humiliating failures, and eventually learned how to finesse the grappling hook and time my swings to give me some thrilling aerial lifts that let my imagination soar. It rewarded your efforts with surprising story developments and some cool weapon upgrades. Here's hoping the game will be remade in its tried-and-true side scrolling style.

No Caption Provided Blaster Master

The labyrinthine and diverse maps could prove frustrating at times, but smooth gameplay, rewarding exploration, and an ubergadgety tank make this an addicting title. No other game matched the same level of satisfaction when finally seeing the ending credits.

No Caption Provided Crystalis

Crystalis is an incredible game with graphics and sound ahead of its time. It has a swordsman that uses 4 elemental swords, monsters ranging from vampires to giant bugs, an evil empire, and a floating tower. The storyline is simple, with its 'save the world' mentality, but complex and serious, with its plot twists and character deaths. Crystalis is a decent challenge, which makes the game very entertaining. It is also not a very long game, so players will find themselves playing the game more than once. Crystalis is an action RPG you can not miss.

No Caption Provided Life Force

Jesse Edgar
This game was tough but not like the typical "I have no idea what I am supposed to do here" tough. It was all about hand/eye coordination. EXCELLENT music, addictive gameplay, excellent graphics (for its time), and smooth playability make this game a 10 in my book. Life Force is probably the most memorable game from that era.

No Caption Provided Bad Dudes

"The president has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to get him back?" That's either pure genius or completely stupid. I'm not sure.

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Bionic Commando was it for me. I was never a Mario or Zelda fan.

Avatar image for pingp00p

Zelda, Gumshoe, and Metal Gear. Contra was really fun too! But Zelda was the one that always kept me up!!

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I always liked kirby's adventure

Avatar image for worubouk

Good Games.. Heres my top five as everyone seems to be making them: 1. Super Mario Bros. 1 (Was playing it a few hours ago, its still one of my favorite games) 2. Dragon Warrior I (I spent three to five years playing this game as a kid... Oh the memories) 3. Super Mario Bros. 3 (I like this one too, I have the copy for GBA) 4. Dream Master (Very under rated game, I loved this game as a kid even though I could barely get past level 1_ 5. Megaman Two (I remember playing this at my Grandma's house when I was little... Good Times) Hounorable Mention: Duck Hunt (At the time... no wait even now this is a great game)

Avatar image for PS2_PC_FAN

Super Contra was a great sequel that I still play today.

Avatar image for Adarok

mario 3!!!

Avatar image for ZERO-UNIT

midines,,.. maybe? not really a game tho,

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Where is Techmo Bowl/Techmo Superbowl?

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The list is great, but how 'bout Dragon Quest for an honorable mention? Also, this game being offered for FREE with subscription to Nintendo Power has to be the best deal of all time!

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1. Super Mario Brothers 3 2. Castle Vania 3. Rock Man 4. Contra 5. Legend of Cage 6. Tween Bee 7. PAC MAN 8. Chip and Dale RR 9. Circus 10.Karateka

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Ninja gaiden Duck Hunt Zelda .............they are all great !!!!!

Avatar image for Spartan-1137

1.Super Mario Brothers 2.The Legend of Zelda 3.Metroid 4.Final Fantasy 5.Duck Hunt (Of Course).LOL this game is awsome, it should come out for the new systems

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Good lord, I'd nearly be afraid to make a comment here. My personal favorites always ended up being so different that people think I'm intentionally being contrary... But hey, it's only the internet, so why not? 10. Vice Project Doom. Excellent music and a fun action game on top of it. It may not have the name value of a Ninja Gaiden, but it didn't mind varying things up between stages, either. 9. Power Blade. Another overlooked action sidescroller. It probably didn't help that the main character looked like Arnold. 8. Tecmo Super Bowl. Still the most fun Football (not Soccer) game out there. 7. Super Spy Hunter. Interesting vertical-scroll shooter which in reality was not a Spy Hunter game at all, but still good. 6. StarTropics 2 : Zoda's Revenge. 5. Low G-Man 4. Super C 3. River City Ransom 2. Crystalis 1. Rollerball

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-- The Goonies 2. Now that game was challenging. Its adventure gameplay would have you playing for hours on end, even when you do know where to go! -- Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest. Booya. The Resident Evil series may have made the Survival-Horror genre, but Castlevania pretty much made the horror genre of gaming. And Castlevania 2 was the best of the series.

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I need to buy more NES games

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I definitely agree with the top 3, but come on! Metroid at 8? That deserves to be #4!

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1.Super Mario Bro. (Its-a-me, a-Mario) 2.Legend of Zelda (Adventure. 3.Kirby (the easiest game of ALL TIME!!) 4.Chip and Dale RR (yes,number three,its awesome!!!) 5.Dungons and Dragons (I love those two bosses you can kick off the convery belt. Ha,ha,ha.) Honorable. Jackel (you can run people OVER!!!!) The Lone Ranger (Away Silver, AWAY!!!) Big Nose the Caveman (it was in Gold)

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I'm Spanish and in these years the information about games and the stores that sold videogames, at least in my town, were so few and so bad... so, I have my very own favourite list with very little classic/great games. Here we go!: #1 Castlevania 2. God!, i'm suffering nightmares about this game today. Fear, loneliness and a wip were my partners in the search of the body parts of Dracula... :S #2 World Champ. I love boxing simulators, the punch-out franchise is good for me, but this game is great! Train, Fight, Train, Fight until the top! #3 Captain Tsubasa. I don't know exactly what name has this game in my country, also the main characters were replaced with Robin and others but... it was Captain Tsubasa in a Strategic-RPG-Soccer Game!!! Too Great! #4 Konami Hyper Soccer. (Sorry, and yes, I love football[soccer]). The very real, first and unique father of Internacional Superstar Soccer and, in some way, of Pro Evolution Soccer. So great! #5 Super Mario Bros. & Duck Hunt. The first cartdrigde I owned and two of the best games of the history. Classics!! #6 Adventures of Lolo 3. Great puzzle game with a great chara ;) #7 Championship Rally. A great racing game in top perspective, with lot of tracks. Good Control, good music and good feeling. Great!! #8 Super Mario Bros. 3. Nothing to say. Great Classic!!! #9 Pro Wrestling. Poor graphics, funny movementes, but great gameplay. So great!! #10 Kung-Fu. The first game that I buyed. So great!!!

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I think that Zombies Ate my Neighbors was a great game and it should have made at least honorable mentions. but its ok

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these games were quite good!!!!!!!

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I cant believe Chip and Dale and or DarkWing Duck wasn't at least an honorable mention. . .

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Man I miss playing these games. I have my NES upstairs but it doesn't work very good. I'm guessing the pins are messed up or something.

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my top 5: mario3 zelda contra super dodge ball ice hockey:)

Avatar image for HawksNDoves

What? No StarTropics? That should be in the top 5 at least...

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Final Fantasy #4? Please, that was a hell of a lot better than Super Mario or even Zelda. Contra and Metroid should have been moved up as well. Anything with Mario in it shouldn't even be in the top 50 games. They even left out the Dragon Warrior series. I would have said: 1. Final Fantasy 2. Metroid 3. Contra 4. Dragon Warrior ...... 50. Super Mario Brothers

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Double Dragon?!?! Blades of Steel?!?! Ice Hockey?!?! 10-yard fight?!?! Kid Icarus?!?! Mike Tyson's Punch Out as to be #1, with Super Mario Bros a close second.

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I still play blaster master and i can still beat the game :P

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duckhunt... omg this took me decades ago!

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too many games for me to list =( Its good to see that some of my favorites were on here: Zelda, Contra, Super mario 1 & 3, Final Fantasy. Castlevania should have been on here. Destiny of an Emperor too. Sadly I didnt get to play River City Ransom till emulation =( I never heard of it till my freshman year of high school, my friends were like, "you never played River City Ransom?!@??!" haha hope that one comes out for Wii virtual console

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I have to give cred to one of my most favorite NES River City Ransom! When I was a young boy a buddy and I would have sleep overs playing that all night!

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Castlevania 1,2 and 3, Kid Icarus, Balloon Fight, Ice Climbers (THAT was the first true co-op), Battletoads, Fester's quest, Dr. Mario, Marble Madness, TmnT, Ice Hockey, RBI Baseball, Tecmo Bowl, Rygar Those games deserve honorable mention if not more.

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Dragon Warrior, Double Dragon, and Castlevania should all be on the list, or at least get honourable mentions and are better than all of the other honourable mentions listed. The only honourable mention that deserves to be on that list, is Bionic Commando -that was a good game.

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1. mario bros 3 2. super C 3. punch out 4. double dragon 5. legend of zelda

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Top Five Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System Everyone has their own childhood memories that they cherish--scoring that first touchdown in a flag football game, making friends on your first day of school, and finally sticking it to that annoying boss that you knew you could kill if you just kept trying. In case you didn’t notice, the third example comes from video games. One of my favorite memories as a kid was exploring all the different worlds that the little gray box would unfold before me. I have ranked the following five games based on my nostalgic memories of playing them for the first time and how playable they are today. #5--Baseball Stars Who needs a sports license? Back in the late ‘80’s video baseball fans didn’t have the yearly updated rosters of today’s modern sports games. We were happy with players that actually looked like people, let alone recognizable sports icons. One game that didn’t need licensed sports teams to succeed was Baseball Stars, produced by SNK in 1989. With fictitious teams like the Ghastly Monsters and the Lovely Ladies, who needs the Royals or the Blue Jays? I personally loved this game because it was the first sports game in which you could hire and fire players and build their statistics (such as their fielding and hitting abilities). There’s just something about building up super teams that could destroy any opposition that was very satisfying. I also had countless hours of fun pummeling my dad in this game. He didn’t regularly play video games, but he’d always have time to play a game of Baseball Stars with me. #4--Contra Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start. If you’ve ever played a game produced by Konami, you’ll know this code. Originally found in an earlier game (Gradius), Contra made it famous as the thirty man cheat code that made this otherwise frustrating side-scrolling shooter a breeze to beat. Although easy as pie with the cheat code, this game was still incredibly fun because of its two-player simultaneous option that allowed you to tackle the invading aliens of Red Falcon with a friend. The power-ups to your weapon, such as the laser and the spread shot, were also inventive. I can’t tell you how many friends I made in 4th grade because I could play Contra. People I never would’ve even spoken to became known to me because they wanted my help to beat the game. I was invited over to their house to play a little Contra, and the rest is history. #3--Metroid “He’s a girl?” This game probably caused more pre-pubescent grade school kids to yell this at their televisions than any other video game before or since. Forget the fact that this game was the first non-linear adventure game where you found power-ups for your character as you explored the alien planet Zebes. Forget that this was also one of the first games to employ a password system to save your progress. Forget that the game’s end boss (Mother Brain) was one of the most memorable boss battles of all time. This game had thousands of players shocked after watching the end credits and realizing that they had been guiding the main character, Samus Aran, this entire time completely oblivious to the fact that he was, in fact, female. This game did more for girl power than the Spice Girls ever did. This was the first game that I had to finally break down and buy the strategy guide for. The game’s intertwining paths and overlapping levels were a little too much for my third grade brain. After attempting to make several of my own maps by hand by using graph paper, I finally gave up and headed off to K-Mart to buy the guide. Although I’d read it over and over whenever we’d visit the store, I soon realized that looking at it for five minutes a week just wasn’t going to cut it. I still have the guide. #2--Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! It is fairly accepted among the NES geeks of the world that one of the hardest bosses ever to be included in a video game was Mike Tyson. The final boss of his own self-named game, Tyson was impossibly frustrating. His game, however, was one of the most entertaining and fun sports games that I have ever played, and is still considered by many to be the best boxing game to date. With characters from all over the world and creative names like “Bald Bull” and “King Hippo,” this game had tons of personality to spare. This is the one game that I had to let go. My secret shame of my Nintendo-playing era is that I never beat Mike Tyson. Many years later I re-purchased the game determined to take Tyson down. I beat the game in three days. It was one of the most satisfying endings to a video game that I have ever seen. #1--The Legend of Zelda Anyone who knows video games couldn’t dispute placing Zelda at the top of the list. This game is probably the most innovative NES cartridge in existence. It was the first to offer a battery back up system, which enabled a player to save his progress. This made it possible for games to take hours or days to complete instead of minutes. It also was one of the first games to allow the player to freely explore an existing world and make sense of it all. Many exploration games have come since, but Zelda was the first. My reasons for listing this game as number one are almost too numerous to list. I play it regularly and annually, even though I have most of the game’s items and dungeons committed to memory. The graphics and sound are, by modern standards, horrific, but there’s just something about them that feels timeless. It’s the first game that I bought for myself right after receiving a Nintendo for Christmas when I was seven years old. Playing this game made me realize that I would be playing video games for a very, very long time to come.

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1- punch out 2- supermario 3- Duck hunt 4- the one with the 2 tanks i dont remember the name

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1- punch out 2- supermario 3- Duck hunt 4- the one with the 2 tanks i dont remember the name

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mmm bionic comand, hope i can buy it from the wii virtual shop, but i dunno where in my country can get them

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Nice list, but the first Super Mario Bros. should have been ranked #1, that game rocks.

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I haven't played much of NES games named here, but I would go back playin Zelda more than SMario3. Now how about a TopTen SNES? THAT'd be NICE! (I was like 6 whan the NES came out)

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where the hell is Avoid the Noid? greatest pizza based game i have ever played.

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what about one of the double dragon games? (not including III).

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How can Final Fantasy be there but not, Dragon Warrior. Final Fantasy series wasn't good till it hit the SNES. Dragon warrior 1 > Final Fantasy 1

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what about McKids? anyone remember that?

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They forgot Tecmo Bowl and RC Pro AM 2.

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Double Dragon was one of my favorites. Too bad it didn't make the list.

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What about R/C Pro Am? A game called "Carnov" would be my #1. I agree with most of the choices and I still own FF, Super M 1,2,and 3, Zelda, and Contra. up,up,down,down,left,right,left, right,B,A,START.

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super mario bros should have won! that was the best game of all time!

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1- Super Mario Bros. 3 2- Duck Hunt 3- Exitebike 4- Ballon Fight