Tengai Makyou 3: Namida announced

A sequel to the PC Engine game is in development for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube.


In the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, it was revealed that Hudson Tengai Makyou 3: Namida is in development for the Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube in Japan. The series is known as Far East of Eden in the United States. At the current time, the only details available on Tengai Makyou 3 are that the game takes place in an area called Kyushu in a fictitious country named Jipang (based on Japan), and that the main character's name is Namida, which means "tears" in Japanese. The series' illustrator, Torajirou Tsujino, will be returning to do the character designs once again.

The Tengai Makyou series was originally planned as a trilogy, but the third title was postponed after Tengai Makyou 2 was released on the PC Engine in 1992. The release date for Tengai Makyou 3 has not been revealed as of yet. Tengai Makyou 2 will be rereleased on the Sony PlayStation 2 on October 2 and the Nintendo GameCube on September 25 in Japan.

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