Tenet's New TV Spot Promises A Full Second Trailer Very Soon

Christopher Nolan's next film might reveal more of its secrets to us in the second trailer.


Tenet, the next film from director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception), already wowed us with its first trailer, and now another one is on the way. A TV spot for the new film has shown us a little bit of new footage, and promised that more is on the way.

According to the TV spot, a new trailer will air "tomorrow"--May 21. It's not clear when the trailer will release. You can watch it below, courtesy of film podcast Lights, Camera, Podcast. It raises more questions than it answers, as a good trailer perhaps should.

What's the film about, exactly? Even one of its stars, Robert Pattinson, isn't sure--but perhaps this second trailer will shed some light. The release date for Nolan's next film has not budged from July 17, despite the COVID-19 crisis, but notably this TV spot does not reiterate the date. It's possible that tomorrow's trailer will reveal a new, later date.

Some of Nolan's earlier work--namely his Batman trilogy--is returning to cinemas in Hong Kong ahead of Tenet's release. It's unknown whether they'll receive the same treatment in international markets, once cinemas are able to reopen.

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