Tenet Star Reveals If His Character Could Beat Up His Dad's Character From The Equalizer

John David Washington compares his character from Tenet to Denzel's character from The Equalizer.


Growing up, you probably heard the old "my dad could beat up your dad" line from some random child on the playground. However, on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, guest host Samuel L. Jackson took that idea a step further, asking the star of Tenet, John David Washington, if his character could beat up one of his father's characters.

Washington has known Jackson his whole life, so it was a very friendly and down-to-Earth interview, like two old friends having a chat. Then, Jackson asked if Washinton's character in Tenet--called Protagonist--could beat up Denzel Washington's The Equalizer. "Because of the rules of inversion, Protagonist [would win]," Washington told Jackson. "There's a sci-fi element that we have that Equalizer didn't have---that gives him the edge."

Washington tried to dance around a little about why his character could beat up his father's character, as he can't say much about the film. "So you're hitting us with a riddle," replied Jackson. "So now we got to go to the movie and make up our own minds whether The Equalizer can kick your ass or not."

Washington replied with a solemn, "Yes, Uncle Sam." Tenet is out in movie theaters globally, even though many movie theaters in the United States are not open because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, the film passed the $200 million box office mark worldwide. Because of the pandemic, it is extremely doubtful that Tenet will be that $1 billion global money-maker for Warner Bros. Studios, regardless of positive critic reviews.

In GameSpot's review of Tenet, Eddie Makuch said, "Tenet is a mind-bender of a movie that has action galore, characters you can for the most part connect with and understand, and a time travel story that doesn't get bogged down in the details and just lets you enjoy the spectacle."

Currently, Tenet sits at a 69 on Metacritic, with 31 favorable and 11 mixed reviews.

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