Tenchu Z stalks Xbox 360

Microsoft brings FromSoftware's ninja stealth game to the West with more than 50 missions of misdirection and mayhem.


Tenchu Z

FromSoftware's Xbox 360 action game Tenchu Senran will soon be sneaking its way onto American shelves, as Microsoft today confirmed for GameSpot that it will release the game domestically as Tenchu Z.

Originally released in Japan last October, Tenchu Z puts players in the soft shoes of a lethal ninja as they sneak through ancient Japan. To beat the game, players will have to make use of a range of weaponry and tools, including explosives and grappling hooks, virtually relying on sight, sound, and even smell to avoid detection and complete their objectives.

Microsoft isn't talking about a release date for the game just yet, and it has yet to receive a rating from the ESRB.

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