Tenchu 2 Still for PlayStation

Contrary to Sony's announcement of the game coming to the PS2, Tenchu 2 is still confirmed for the current PlayStation.


GameSpot News today has confirmed with Activision and Acquire that Tenchu 2 is coming to the current PlayStation console and not the PlayStation2. Previously, at its PlayStation2 unveiling conference, Sony had announced that the title was headed to the PlayStation2.

Acquire, the developer of the original Tenchu, told GameSpot News today that it is still developing Tenchu 2 for the current PlayStation. A company rep also added that the game is not scheduled for release in Japan yet, but a North American/European release is on track for next spring.

Activision has supported Acquire's comments, saying that the game, for the current PlayStation, is indeed on track for next spring.

So what was Tenchu 2 doing on the PlayStation2 roster? Acquire commented that it is not working on a Tenchu title for the PlayStation2 and that there is a possibility that Sony Music Entertainment (SME) may have another developer working on it. SME couldn't be reached for comment.

One thing is for sure - Tenchu 2 will come to the PlayStation, and it's definitely coming to the US. And the PlayStation2 game will probably be titled Tenchu 3. GameSpot News will bring you more on both Tenchu 2 and the possible Tenchu 3 soon.

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