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Total Entertainment Network brings four new online-only multiplayer titles to gamers today.


Total Entertainment Network brings four new online-only multiplayer titles to TEN gamers today. ARC, Warheads, WizWar, and Wulfram "each offer an exciting combat-strategy game experience that features both a modest learning curve and considerable depth of play" TEN says.

"Titles such as ARC and Wulfram illustrate the growing appeal of online-only games: compelling multiplayer action without the steep learning curve and initial US$50 investment common to retail games" said Greg Harper, vice president of business development at TEN said in a statement.

The four new titles are currently ready for free play, but TEN did say it is considering migrating the titles to its premium area. The following are TEN-generated descriptions of the four new games:

ARC (Attack, Retrieve, Capture)Developer: Hoopy EntertainmentPublisher: TENGenre: Action-Arcade TeamplayMaximum number of players: 64Description: Players join one of four teams of heavily-armed “attack saucers” and battle on an alien landscape for control of enemy flags and/or “force switches.” An ingeniously simple control scheme can be learned in seconds, but provides unlimited tactical depth and teamplay options. A map editor lets users create their own battlegrounds, or customize existing ones.

WarheadsDeveloper: Totalplay SoftwarePublisher: Ionos, Inc.Genre: Turn-based Strategy (Artillery)Maximum number of players: 10Description: A turn-based game of interplanetary ballistic warfare in which players control spaceships fighting for domination of a solar system. Using weapons of mass destruction to bore through planets, ignite entire worlds, and much more, players calculate their shots based on range, power, even gravitational pull of various stellar bodies. Weapons editor lets players create their own devices of global destruction.

WizWarDeveloper: TEN (based on the board game by Tom Jolly/Jolly Games)Publisher: TENGenre: Turn-based Fantasy StrategyMaximum number of players: 4Description: Two to four wizards battle throughout a dungeon maze, stealing each others' treasure and using spells to vanquish and/or outwit opponents. More than 60 spells are available, and many can be used in tandem, creating literally thousands of possible combinations. A customizable/ resizable interface lets users optimize the look and feel to suit their own style of play.

WulframDeveloper: Bolt ActionPublisher: TENGenre: Action/Combat SimulationMaximum number of players: 32Description: A futuristic battle game in which individuals or teams battle across otherworldly terrain. Each player controls a single heavily armored hovertank from an “in-the-cockpit” perspective, joining one of two teams trying to force the opposition of the planet. Using energy cannons, pulse shells, missiles and more, each seeks to protect their own bases while destroying the foe's bases. Sophisticated strategic options let players construct new bases and defensive installations, control starships hovering over the fray, even order orbital bombardments.

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