Temtem Tips For Beginners: Best Starter Temtem, Balms Explained, And More

These foundational tips will help make your monster-catching adventure a bit smoother and more enjoyable.


Temtem might seem like your average monster catcher, but Crema’s RPG includes some significant changes to combat and the structure of your adventure that take a bit of getting used to. Even average battles present a steep challenge, but with the right preparation, you can rise to the occasion every time. This Temtem beginner’s guide includes battle tips, recommendations for the best starter Temtem, and some high-level tips to set you up for more advanced battles.

Best starter Temtem: Houchic

Similar to Pokemon, Temtem has you choose one of three starter monsters before you head off on your adventure. Unlike Pokemon, the three available types aren’t as easily recognizable as the usual elemental monsters. You can pick:

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  • Houchic the Mental Temtem
  • Crystle the Crystal Temtem
  • Smazee the Melee Temtem

Mental is equivalent to Pokemon’s Psychic types, while Melee is essentially a Fighting type. Crystal is a bit different. An easy Pokemon equivalent is tough to find, but it’s a defensive Temtem with some similarities to a rock type.

Tempting as it may be to go for Smazee, you really shouldn’t. Melee Temtem are common, and Smazee has nothing remarkable to make them easily recommendable.

Early Temtem battles present a substantial challenge, where even opponents of the same level can destroy your party with ease. Crystle is a strong choice who can hold their own in battle, but Crystal types are also comparatively common the further you progress through the islands.

Houchic has lower HP than the other two starters, but they also have a better move set, one that’s conducive to taming more Temtem and building your team. Mental-type Temtem are also quite rare, so this is a good chance to get that type advantage early on. Houchic also has a hypnosis skill, which makes taming new Temtem easier.

Houchic has a wide range of attacks at their disposal.
Houchic has a wide range of attacks at their disposal.

Learn your types

This might go without saying if you’ve played monster catchers before, but make sure to learn Temtem’s type chart. Some strengths and weaknesses are the ones you might expect, such as fire being effective against grass. Others, not so much. Digital is effective against Mental and itself, for example, while Wind beats Rock, and Electric is strong against Digital.

Moves have a type that may be separate from the Temtem using the move. Houchic starts with two Mental attacks and a Neutral one, for example. Using moves strong against a certain type means your attack does twice the damage, while a disadvantageous type matchup means halves the damage dealt. If the Temtem’s type matches the move type, you also deal a small amount of extra damage.

Stand and fight

Practicing your strategy is always important in an RPG, but even more so in Temtem’s early hours as you learn how the game works. If you run out of opposing Tamers to battle and don’t feel like fighting wild Temtem, consider challenging other players to a battle.

You can open the search menu using X on Switch, Triangle on PlayStation, or Y on Xbox to scan for nearby players, and challenge them to a casual or ranked battle. While you don’t get rewards such as money, for these battles, they’re a solid way to better your understanding of Temtem’s combat system.

Plan for two

Every battle in Temtem features two of the critters at once, so you need to plan your strategy accordingly. Several of the more advanced moves have effects that spill over either to your opponent’s second Temtem or your own, and it’s sometimes better to forego a strong single-target move in favor of weakening both foes.

In the early hours, though, it’s best to focus both of your Temtem on taking down one opponent. A full enemy team can knock your Temtem out far too easily, but you stand a better chance of victory in a two-on-one battle. As you build a bigger team, be sure to think about team compositions as well. Covering one Temtem’s weakness with your second Temtem is always a smart idea.

Every battle includes four Temtem, which makes strategizing a bit more involved.
Every battle includes four Temtem, which makes strategizing a bit more involved.

Stop and wait

One of Temtem’s unique features is how it handles stronger moves. Each move uses stamina, and more powerful attacks naturally use more. If your Temtem runs out of stamina, their attacks start draining HP instead. Waiting a turn restores stamina, though. Plan your attacks carefully to avoid being caught short and potentially losing a battle.

Some moves can only be used after a certain number of turns passes as well, including Houchic’s two initial Mental moves. These can often turn the tide of battle, so make sure you have enough stamina to use them once they become available.

Buy Balms

Purchasing HP recovery items is a standard practice in RPGs, but the nature of Temtem battles makes it especially important in Crema’s game. Balms are comparatively inexpensive, and you get access to them early in your adventure. While you can fast travel using Smoke Bombs, these items are much more expensive, and you still have to trek back to where you left off after healing up.

Loading your bag with Balms means you can just heal up after a battle and carry on without losing any progress, and, more importantly, you can save your money for better things – like Temcards for taming more Temtem.

Be flexible

Taming multiple Temtem and rotating your team of six out is something you want to get in the habit of doing. Temtem’s islands are themed around two or three specific types of Temtem. Building your team to take advantage of those weaknesses gives you a better chance of success in battle and makes the game’s tougher challenges a bit easier.

Next in line

Speed normally determines move order in RPGs, but in Temtem, certain move types are ranked by priority as well. You can check the move priority by examining the technique on your Temtem’s overview page. Very High Priority moves, for example, nearly double your Temtem’s speed, while Ultra moves almost always go first--even before your foe can swap Temtem.

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