Temtem Is Coming To PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch In 2021

The monster-collecting, Pokemon-like MMO will make its next-gen and portable debut next year.


Revealed during the State of Play livestream, the online Pokemon-like, it was announced that Temtem will be coming to PlayStation 5 in 2021. But now, we can confirm that the online game will also arrive on Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Series X as well. Coming from developer Crema and publisher Humble Games, the massively-multiplayer online game that pays tribute to the Pokemon series first saw a release back in early 2020 on PC as an early access game. Focusing on young adventurers exploring an archipelago of floating islands filled with magical creatures, this will mark the first time we have confirmation for the release window when the online game will arrive on next-gen platforms.

Given first life as a Kickstarter game, it was eventually picked up by Humble Games and has seen a steady community of players since its release. Though the developers stated that there were plans to release the game on PS4 and Xbox One, Temtem is so far only playable on PC. Before the reveal during the State of Play stream, GameSpot spoke with game director Guillermo Andrades about its launch earlier this year, and the new platforms the game will be arriving on.

"We’re incredibly excited [about Temtem's success]. Back when we started thinking about developing Temtem we were nervous about how players would receive it," said the director. "We knew that people have always longed for a new and more modern take on the creature collection genre, but we, of course, questioned whether or not we had the right approach."

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Since its release, the online game has added more Temtem to collect and locations to explore. During our talk, Andrades stated that it was still too early to talk about any plans for cross-play or cross-save features for the different platforms Temtem will be on. Still, he did state that Crema is looking forward to taking advantage of the PS5's capabilities for the game.

"While Temtem is not a technical beast, we’re looking forward to maxing out our engine and seeing Temtem at its full visual capacity," he said. "We’re also really looking forward to the new gameplay-related features and possibilities that the next generation of hardware brings, such as haptic feedback."

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