Telstra to launch game-streaming service in Australia - Report

<i>The Australian</i> reports that a national telco will launch a subscription game-streaming service by next year; Telstra tells GameSpot AU that plans are "still at the concept stage."


In the past year, on-demand game-streaming services like OnLive and Gaikai have launched in the US and the UK, but Australia has yet to see a step in this direction.

Now, according to a report in The Australian, Telstra is planning to launch a subscription-based game-streaming service as early as next year. According to the newspaper, the service will utilize Telstra's T-box digital set-top box, allowing users to stream games directly to their television sets.

OnLive's game-streaming service is currently only available in the US and UK.
OnLive's game-streaming service is currently only available in the US and UK.

The report also indicates that Telstra is trialing a subscription-based on-demand video service to rival services like Quickflix--which recently launched in Australia--as well as a subscription music service. Citing Telstra IPTV chief JB Rousselot, The Australian claims Telstra plans to launch all of its new services next year.

"It is understood that Telstra is already in negotiations with major game studios, including game giant Electronic Arts, and is hoping to launch the gaming service as a subscription model, where consumers pay on a per-month basis for the use of games titles," the report states.

Telstra confirmed to GameSpot AU that it is working on a game streaming service, but that it is still a long way from completion.

"The story in [The Australian] made it sound like that service was much closer than it really is," a Telstra spokesperson told GameSpot AU. "It is still at the concept stage."

According to the report, Telstra plans to upgrade its T-Box digital set-top box to allow it to properly stream games and other content. The report states that Telstra's plans to launch a game-streaming service come as part of its recent announcement in June to invest $800m over the next five years on cloud technology.

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