Telltale's Latest Game of Thrones Teaser Reveals Series Will Span Six Episodes

That's longer than the five-episode Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us franchises.

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Telltales Games has released yet another teaser for its upcoming Game of Thrones episodic series.

This teaser stands out from the rest, however, in that it reveals that Iron From Ice will be the first of six episodes in the series. This is notable because Telltale's past franchises, including The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, spanned only five episodes.

If you're interesting in attempting to piece together Telltale's Game of Thrones clues, check out this roundup post for all the teasers the developer has released so far.

The first episode in Telltale's Game of Thrones series will be released by the end of 2014, the developer recently confirmed. However, there is no indication yet as to a specific release date or platform availability.

Since its announcement in December 2013, Telltale has kept its Game of Thrones adventure game largely under wraps. Over the past two months, the developer has released various teases about the game's setting, but we have not yet heard much in the way of specifics.

What Telltale has said, is that its Game of Thrones title will be "taking advantage of all the [series'] fiction."

In addition to its Game of Thrones title, Telltale is working on Borderlands spinoff Tales from the Borderlands and a third season of The Walking Dead.

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