Telltale's Batman Suffering From a Variety of Issues on PC [UPDATE]

Some players have found potential workarounds for some problems, but there's no word yet on any official fixes.


Update: Telltale has released a patch for the game on PC that it says resolves the integrated graphics issue and adds new graphics settings.

Original Story: The launch of Telltale Batman's first episode has not been problem-free on PC, where players have encountered a wide variety of performance issues.

As documented on places like the Steam forums, Episode 1 is suffering from crashes, low frame rates, resolution problems, and gamepad issues. It also appears the game is, at least in some cases, opting to use integrated graphics hardware even on systems equipped with a dedicated GPU.

Seemingly aware of that bug, the game's Steam page notes, "If you are experiencing performance issues, you may need to update the graphics card drivers to the latest available. If you are using a laptop, please use your dedicated graphics and not Intel integrated graphics."

It should be noted that some players are having relatively problem-free experiences, including GameSpot's reviewer. Others can't even get the game to start or are running into crashes, as we did during a livestream yesterday; you can see that around the 7-minute mark of the video above.

Some players claim to have discovered workarounds or fixes for some problems. These include disabling display scaling to resolve blurry, low-resolution graphics and downloading a certain file to avoid a DirectX error on Windows 7.

As of yet, Telltale has not issued a statement regarding any of this, nor has it replied to GameSpot's request for comment.

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