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Telltale Teases More Walking Dead Before Season 3

Developer hints that it may release some kind of Walking Dead content before the arrival of season three further down the line.

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The third season of Telltale's acclaimed Walking Dead adventure series isn't coming anytime soon, the developer said at SXSW last weekend in Texas. But, interestingly, the studio also teased that there may be something new to play in the Walking Dead series before Season Three is officially released.

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"There will be a third season of The Walking Dead at some point. We don't know when yet, but yes, that is a thing," Telltale PR boss Job Stauffer said during a panel (via BloodyDisgusting).

He then squirms in his chair and offers a tease that he expects might get him in trouble with his bosses.

"Oh, man, I'm going to get an email about this," he starts. "[The Walking Dead Season 3 is] not necessarily something you can expect to see super, super, super soon. But I think you can perhaps, maybe, expect to see The Walking Dead again sooner, if that makes sense. Does that make sense?"

"I'll let the Internet work on that question."

At Comic-Con last summer, Telltale officially confirmed that it was working on a third season of its award-winning Walking Dead series. The developer hasn't announced a release date or any specific details about the season so far.

Telltale has something of a full development plate at the moment. In addition to a third season of The Walking Dead, the studio is working on new episodes in its Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands series, as well as a brand-new game based on Minecraft. On top of that, just last month, Telltale announced an ambitious game/TV hybrid effort called "Super Show."

What are you looking for from the third season of The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments below!

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