Telltale teases crossover title

Image of adventure game publisher's next project suggests Sam and Max, Penny Arcade, Strong Bad, and Team Fortress characters getting together for a card game; first Back to the Future game details revealed.

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Telltale Games has an announcement up its sleeve to kick off this weekend's Penny Arcade Expo. The episodic adventure game publisher has posted a teaser image for the title on its Web site, with a handful of familiar silhouettes suggesting a crossover is in the works.

The two most distinctive silhouettes belong to a pair of characters Telltale has already worked with: the rabbitlike Max of Sam and Max: Freelance Police fame, and the oval-headed, fingerless Strong Bad. If the other two figures in the teaser image are who they appear to be, those Telltale characters will be joined in the new project by Tycho from Penny Arcade and the Heavy from Team Fortress 2.

Is Telltale making another poker game? A customizable card game? A guess-the-silhouette game?
Is Telltale making another poker game? A customizable card game? A guess-the-silhouette game?

While those characters are pulled from very different games, the teaser image may include a hint at what sort of project could bring them together. With the exception of Strong Bad, the characters appear to be holding playing cards. Telltale has previous experience with card games, its very first title being the Telltale Texas Hold 'Em poker game.

Gamers shouldn't have to wait much longer to find out, as the teaser image states the title will be revealed "at PAX Prime 9.2.10." The Penny Arcade Expo is officially scheduled to take place September 3-5 in Seattle, Washington.

In other Telltale news, USA Today has reported the first details of the publisher's upcoming Back to the Future title. The five-episode season will feature the likenesses of the original film's actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, with Lloyd also providing voice work for the game. Telltale is also receiving input on the project from Bob Gale, the screenwriter on the original three films.

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