Telltale Games Teasing Mr. Robot Project

The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us dev looks to be releasing an app for Mr. Robot.


Telltale Games, developer of episodic games based on The Walking Dead, Fables, and DC's Batman, is teasing a new project that ties into Mr. Robot, a TV series that is currently in its second season.

The studio's Twitter and Facebook pages updated with short videos promoting a messaging app for Ecorp. In the series, Ecorp is portrayed as an evil multinational company that is drowning the American people in debt as a means to control them. F-Society, a group of hackers, is targeting Ecorp so it can erase the debt and free people.

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Telltale's Facebook page says "the new E Corp Messaging App for your iOS or Android Mobile device" will be available from August 17, but there are no further details on what this app includes.

It could be that Telltale has developed a small tie-in game of some sort, instead of a larger multi-episode series we're used to seeing from the studio. It has advised people to "follow @ecorpmessaging on Twitter for more details."

Telltale recently released the debut of its Batman series. In GameSpot's Batman: The Telltale Series Episode One review, the season premiere earned a score of 8/10.

"While many fixate on breaking the Batman, Telltale wants to bring down Bruce Wayne, and it demonstrates an understanding that people and relationships are the key to this," the review said.

"Episode one begins the process of unravelling him, and sets the stage to lay him bare. Impressively, by sticking to its strengths, Telltale also delivers on the experience of being Batman. Realm of Shadows establishes a compelling Bruce Wayne narrative and is an exciting start to the series."

In addition to Batman, the studio is working on season three of The Walking Dead, which will be available this year, and a Marvel project.

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