Telltale Games lowers prices

Episodic installments of Bone adventure series now lowered to CD-like price point of $12.99.


While the high cost of next-gen game development seems to be getting higher, episodic content is allowing some publishers to make their games cheaper. Telltale Games has announced that its Bone series of PC adventure games, formerly pushing the $20 price point, are now available for digital download for $12.99.

The first episode of Bone, Out from Boneville, was released for PCs last September. The second episode, The Great Cow Race, is currently scheduled for release later this month.

While the new price point was confirmed for all future episodes of Bone, a Telltale representative declined to comment on whether or not it would apply to the company's other announced episodic series, Sam and Max. The new price point is intended to compete directly with DVDs, music CDs, books, and cable TV, according to Telltale CEO Dan Connors.

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