Telltale dealing Poker Night at The Inventory

Iconic characters from Team Fortress 2, Sam and Max, Strong Bad, Penny Arcade go all-in for publisher's latest PC card game.


Poker Night at the Inventory

In a recent interview, Valve Software's Gabe Newell promised three big surprises for gamers in the next 12 months. One such surprise could have been revealed today, as Telltale Games announced a company crossover poker game costarring the Heavy character from Valve's Team Fortress 2.

Just don't get caught cheating.
Just don't get caught cheating.

Set for release on the PC and Mac this fall, Poker Night at The Inventory brings The Heavy along with Max (Sam and Max), Tycho (Penny Arcade), and Strong Bad (Homestar Runner), for a card game that examines iconic gaming characters in a different context.

"We've had the idea for some time of exploring the idea of what video characters do when they're not 'on the clock' in the games we play," Telltale CEO Dan Connors said in announcing the game. "We pitched the idea to friends in the industry and it really resonated. We all had a great time imagining what these guys would banter about while slinging cards--from there, Poker Night at The Inventory was born."

Touting the project as "The Citizen Kane of poker games," Telltale said Poker Night at The Inventory will do more than just deal cards and take bets. The game will also include a dynamic dialogue system and fully voiced characters that taunt each other, have their own "tells," and adapt to each game situation as it plays out.

Although Telltale is best known for its episodic adventure games, Poker Night at The Inventory is not the first hand of cards it has dealt. The first title developed by the company was 2005's Telltale Texas Hold 'Em, a card game that sought to combine poker acumen with Telltale's distinctive sense of humor.

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