Telltale confirms Fables game

Episodic game studio to make title based on Bill Willingham's Fables comic books; no release date specified.


Episodic adventure game specialist Telltale Games has confirmed that it will be adapting Bill Willingham's comic book series Fables, published under DC Comics' Vertigo label.

Fables is coming to games courtesy of Telltale.
Fables is coming to games courtesy of Telltale.

According to the studio, Telltale is partnering with both Warner Bros and DC for the game.

"Created by Bill Willingham, the Eisner award-winning and chart-topping Fables re-imagines classic characters from fairy tales and folklore spinning their stories in wild, brutally violent, mature, and often unexpected directions," Telltale wrote on its site.

The original comic series follows various fictional characters such as Snow White, Pinocchio, and the Three Bears, who have been banished and forced to live in New York City.

No details on the game's release have been given as yet.

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How Telltale ever got to the point where people call what they make games and actually respect what they do is idiotic. They do not belong on a gaming site. What they make is more like glorified interactive novels on pc and console.

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I have been following telltale over the last couple of years. Except for Jurassic park...the quality of their games has been going up pretty quickly. From Sam&Max to monkey island, BTTF and The walking dead. They are building a very renowned company actually. I think they tried to do something different with jurassic park but it didn't work...might have been a testbed for a new concept. At least they ditched it for TWD :P

That said, I have my hopes up for Fables. I loved the graphic novel....which I recommend people to read. It'll prepare you for the game :D

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Can't wait for this!!

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Cool...I've vaguely heard of the Fables graphic novels...

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Awwww man! I really want Telltale to make a Doctor Who game. Maybe next time :(

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@Shaunomenon I want Telltale to go away. This is not gaming.

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please stay true the game series.

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This sounds really interesting. I'm not familiar with the series, but the idea sounds very very intriguing :D

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How much do you want to bet there will be a lawsuit for the title? Similarly to how Notch's new game "scrolls" got him in trouble by Bethesda's lawyers.

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@archlvt I was gonna comment on that, damn you beat me to it :P! When it comes to copyright, I think Fables has a strong case, since it was made before Fable was even thought of, though you never know with the corporate lawyers. It seems that it's not so much about who is right, as it is about who has enough money to drive this case to it's conclusion. Economic bullying is the new black. I don't think this will make Microsoft go to court, but we'll see. It's not a realistic court case, but reality doesn't need to be realistic.

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@Hurvl @archlvt If anything DC should have sued Microsoft, the Fables comics came out in the 90s. Warner Brothers owns DC too, and they could kick the ever-living-shit out of MS in a money-battle.

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After the masterpiece TWD was, I'm most likely picking this up.

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Seems cool, gotta keep my eyes on it

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Somehow I feel like TWD was their Ninth Symphony.

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what platform?

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I thought this was announced a while ago? They announced it along with the walking dead and king's quest, last year.

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Now thats an good news.

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I came here thinking M$ hired the Back to the Future/Walking Dead/Sam & Max developer TellTale to do Fable, lol.

Still, I will check out this when it releases, as TellTale does Episodic gaming really well.

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@SolidTy Yeah, I REALLY hate episode content though man. There's always too long of a wait in between imo...

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@emperiox @SolidTy AGREE!!!

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@Arsyad00 @emperiox @SolidTy That's why I will wait until the whole season has been released. I've got a huge backlog of games, so I can endure the wait. I still haven't got Half-Life Ep 1 and 2, because I don't want an unfinished game. No closure, no purchase. Yeah, I'm really fanatic about this!

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@emperiox The wait does suck, I agree. :( :P

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Laura Parker, you are damn fine. Marry me?

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@Hyperskate65 HAHA, I had to stop and comment here. He at least deserves a like Laura :D

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@Acid_Kenobi You know what's up.